13 thousand Albanians are converted to Christianity

  A study entitled "The believers in Christ with a Muslim past: a global Census", authored by Duane Alexander Miller, of the University "St. Mary's "in San Antonio, Texas and Patrick Johnstone, from WEC International Singapore, shows Albania as the first place in Europe among Christian believers, who are converted as such.

"Since 1960", the authors write, "there has been a significant increase in the number of conversions from Islam to Christianity. Most of these conversions has been in the form of evangelical Christianity  or Pentecostal, but there have been conversions to Christianity, Catholic or Orthodox, while some other people converted, that they continue to remain, in a sense, Muslims and the followers of Jesus."

The long study, explains in detail how the two authors provide estimates and figures of converts, the complexity of this work, as well as a list of countries, divided by continent, the number of believers in Christ who have a Muslim past. The study includes graphics with maximum, minimum and average estimates  of this population, from 1960 until today. The researches for the study, according to the authors, have started in 1960, when Patrick Johnstone began to collect information on the size and nature of Christian communities in various countries of the world. This resulted in six editions of the book "World Operation", whose author is Johnstone.

The purpose of this book was to provide a profile of each country in the world, including information on ethnic and religious division. According to the study, Albania is among the first four countries in Europe, about the number of Christians with a Muslim past. The authors estimate that 13 thousand Albanians are converted into believers of Christ. At first place is ranked Bulgaria with 45 thousand believers, the second United Kingdom with 25 thousand believers, then Germany with 15 thousand believers. Regarding Kosovo, according to the study, the believers converted to Christianity, have been 2000.

13 thousand Albanians are converted to Christianity 13 thousand Albanians are converted to Christianity Thursday, April 28, 2016 Rating: 5
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