Russell Crowe to play Scanderbeg? A Joe DioGuardi desire

Russell Crowe and Scanderbeg

 Joe DioGuardi, the former US congressman desires to make a film about Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, the Albanian national hero, and to be played by Russell Crowe.

DioGuardi, who is of Albanian descent, has shown to media how he has almost a underdeveloped scenario about the movie of the great Albanian hero.

"We will show to America the true face of the Albanians. We have only a short concept while a person is dealing with analyzing the life of Skanderbeg in 1440-1455, when Skanderbeg was at the peak of his career."

DioGuardi says that he desires for this film to be created by Hollywood's best producers, and says this has been his dream for years.

"If you have a good script and apply to Hollywood, you will be funded. I'm not doing this for myself but for all Albanians," DioGuardi says.

Even, is Russell Crowe the person who could play the role of the great hero, according to the former congressman./Oculus News

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