Albanian Mafia Bosses in the World

Albanian Mafia Bosses in the World
 Albanian mafia or organized Albanian crime are the terms used for Albanian-based or composed by Albanian groups.

Albanian organized crime is very active in Albania, USA and EU countries, participating in drug trafficking, weapons, humans and humans organs. The Albanian criminal scenario is characterized by numerous crimes, which in their complexity constitute the highest criminal capacities in the world.
Only in Albania, there are over 15 mafia families controlling organized crime.

According to Wikileaks reports, the Albanian mafia has monopolized various international affiliations from East to Israel, from West to South America. These reports show a strong link between politicians and different families of the Albanian mafia.

According to the European and American Studies Research Institute (RIEAS), Albanian mafia groups are indeed hybrid organizations (various sectors of society), often involved in both criminal and political activities.

The Albanian mafia, in its entirety, is one of the world's most powerful crime generating element, combining the "traditional" features that enhance impermeability, reliability and strength - with modern and innovative elements.

 Albanian crime has also made way abroad with world criminality, exploiting opportunities and integrating it into the entire network.

Joey Lika, the Albanian 'John Gotti'  

Xhevdet (Joey) Lika was considered "The King of the World of Drugs in New York." Xhevdet Lika (Also known as Ismail Lika) was a well known American-Albanian and a leading figure in the crime scene in New York.

In the "Contract Killer" book by Hoffman and Headley, it is written that "although not in the height of Al Capone or John Gotti, Xhevdet Joey" Lika was known in the world of international crime. He did not love the Italians and they were afraid of him because he was too violent. His mobsters were ready to make assassinations against John Gotti, Paul Castellano, or even to kill the President Reagan, if Lika asked them.

There was no way to stop such people as Xhevdet Lika, and the mafia knew this. "Lika's organization distributed heroin in the Manhattan Artistic Neighborhoods using Chinese stores. The drugs were brought from the former Yugoslavia and Turkey where Lika had his collaborators.

Joey Lika worked alone until 1980, then joined Xhevdet Mustafa. Xhevdet Mustafa was killed in Albania after wanting to demolish Enver Hoxha. On the other hand, Lika continued heroin trafficking in the US, being quite successful.

But in 1981 made a mistake. Joey Lika along with two band members, M.Bici and V. Vulaj, shot another Albanian. M. Saljani. But a mafia member of the latter survived the armed clash and became a protected witness by American justice. Here the story of Lika ends.

According to US police, he transported $ 125 million worth of drugs from the Balkans and sold it to New York, California, Texas, and Illinois. His trial was led by prosecutor Giuliani. The latter stated that it was the first time in his life that was threatened.

According to the US media, Giuliani was threatened with death by Lika's father. His trial was full of Albanian relatives. Joey Lika was sentenced with a life sentence. He did not appeal the decision, since he had killed an Albanian, he was now in enmity or 'in blood' with the victim's family, so he knew the safest place for him was the prison.

Albanian boss in the US, Aleks Rudaj

The criminal organization run by the Albanian gangster Aleks Rudaj called himself the Sixth Family. They looked at themselves at the same level as the five families of La Cosa Nostra of New York. But after a 10-year period they did not seem to be more than a road bunch.

In a profile that the American media reported to the Albanian, it was written: "Alex Rudaj started off as a collaborator of the Gambino criminal family. He is not the only Albanian to do this. Albanians come from a past similar to Italian-Americans or Italians, and have no problem adapting to foreign mafia groups.

The Mafia used Albanians chiefly as executives of orders to kill people. While Albanians were dealing with crimes by bleeding their hands, the Italian mafia were far from any incriminating bloodshed, no doubt, counting the money they earned by killing a rival.

Since the early 1990s, Rudaj realized that he could use his Albanian people to form his team. Slowly he and a group of Albanians, but also Italians, some of them former Cosa Nostra collaborators, began to work on illegal gambling in Morris Park end Westchester County.

After this success, they decided to go for a bigger price: the territory pretented by the Italian mafia. In the summer of 2001 they decided to create a large group. In June Rudaj and over dozens of his men entered a gambling salon run by Lucchese family members in Astoria, Queens. The armed group made it clear that they were already in charge of illegal gambling in Astoria.

Even though they were taking over the territory, Rudaj's group still had great respect for organized crime models. When the boss of the Gambino family John Gotti died of cancer in June 2002, Alex Rudaj and some members of his team went to his funeral ceremony to respect them. Of course, their fight with Cosa Nostra was not personal, but business.

The Gambino family leader, Arnold Squitieri, was tired of this story and asked to talk to these mafiosi. The conversation took place at a gas station at New Jersey. Squitieri was not alone. Twenty armed mafiosi of the Gambino family accompanied their boss.

Aleks Rudaj, on the other hand, had only six members of his group. According to FBI secret agent Joaquin Garcia, who was infiltrated in the Gambino criminal family during this period, Squitieri told Rudaj that his game had come to an end and that they should stop extending their operations. The Albanians and the Gambino then pulled out their weapons.

Knowing that they were few, Albanians threatened to blow up the gas station with all those in it. This ended the discussion, and the two groups drew back.

Since 2006 all persons involved in this conversation were in prison. Rudaj and his sixth family were taken of the road in October 2004 and were charged with a variety of charges. After a trial Rudaj and his main followers were declared all guilty.

In 2006, Rudaj, at the time 38, was sentenced to 27 years in prison. His rival Arnold was convicted of a blackmail and was sent to jail for seven years. The difference between Rudaj and the traditional Cosa Nostra family? Arnols Squitie after the imprisonment had appointed the family's successor, while Rudaj not, so the Gambino family still operates."

John Alite

John Eduard Alite alias "Johnny Alletto" was born in September 1962. Alite is an American mafia from New York, of Albanian descent. Close-and-bound collaborator, considered the "right arm" of the Mafia family Gambino and her patron, John Angeli Gotti in the years 1980-1990 and until the beginning of the first decade of the 21st century. In 2003, the American-Albanian mafia John Alite learned that he was targeted to be killed, and leave secretly America to Europe, moving in twenty European countries, including the country of origin, Albania.

John Alite
John Alite
Then from Europe, John Alite moved to South America. Meanwhile John Alite was declared internationally by Interpol as one of the "most wanted" mafia members. While Alite was living and hiding in Brazil, he was discovered, and with an arrest warrant from Interpol, he was arrested on behalf of federal US authorities.

In 2011, John Alite was sentenced to 10 years in prison for allegedly participating in a series of crimes, such as murder, fines, drugs, thefts and concealment of crimes. During the years in prison, John Alite collaborated with US federal authorities, testifying against against the Mafia families Gambino, Gotti, Charles Carneglia and his former associates, testimonies that shoke deeply the Gambino Mafia's Empire, the latest of Cosa Nostra. Alite was then released from the jail, with the status of the defendant and with the status of witness protection, by not doing so ten years in prison.

In a 25-year time span of his career as a gangster, John Alite massacred many people, knocking them in clubs with baseball bats, and so on.

He does not feel at all proud of this, but does not even want to hide from them. It was like he did not wanted to get hide. But it is not the same now. At least now in 2016, he is trying to restore his life from a paid killer and former member of criminal gangs is trying to live a normal life at the age of 55.

Through the distribution of drugs, gambling and criminal operations, Alite became a millionaire. Of how he lost the money and regained respect for himself, is part of his story. The story of John Alite is unique. It's an insight into the corrupt and treacherous world of the 21st Century American Mafia. If you want honor and loyalty, look at the Godfather movie. If you want reality, talk to John Alite.

John Alite is not a fictitious gangster, but it's all that he managed to win the heart of the greatest and the famous mafia, thanks to his skills and intelligence.

 With modesty and a characteristic laugh, proud beyond pride for his Albanian origins, this is indicated by his arms and body, which is covered by numerous Albanian flags, eagle and Skanderbeg. His Albanian sentiments is inherited in both of his sons.

John Alite performing the Albanian eagle symbol with his sons and friends
John Alite performing the Albanian eagle with his sons and friends

His favorite and beloved word in Albanian is the word "Shqipe". His Albanian counterparts call them only with the word: Shqipe! In an interview he also recounted his Albanian roots, the story of his life, how he became involved in the crime world, from a pretty innocent child to a rigorous enforcer of Gotti's rules and becoming a man of ruthless in dosens of mafia crimes.

Prince Dobroshi

Prince Dobroshi was one of the major heroin figures in Europe. He was born on April 2, 1964 in Serbia. In 1993, he was captured in Norway and in 1994 was sentenced to 14 years in prison for heroin trafficking, accused by Sweden and Denmark. In a well-coordinated operation, he managed to escape from Ullesmos Prison in 1997.

Prince Dobroshi
Prince Dobroshi
He chose the Czech Republic as a new place to live and soon dominated the Albanian drug mafia. On February 23, 1999 he was arrested in Prague. Even though his assasination was planned in the Czech prison, Dobroshi managed to extradite himself in time to Norway to end his sentence. After completing his sentence for good manners, he moved to Peja. Since 2006 lives in Kosovo, while his wife and two children in Prague.

Naser Kelmendi

Naser Kelmendi was the head of a Balkan criminal empire, known by Bosnian authorities. According to a report submitted by Interpol, the criminal family Kelmendi led one of the most powerful criminal organizations not only in Bosnia, but across the region. The Kelmendi organization has been involved in drug trafficking, cigarettes and money laundering.

Naser Kelmendi
Naser Kelmendi arrested
According to Interpol, the organization's influence came to Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Germany and the United States. According to the CIA, Kelmendi was one of the strongest Albanian criminal families in the Balkans. The Kelmendi organization has also been dominant in cocaine and heroin traffic, as well as acetic anhydride, a basic ingredient in heroin production. Naser Kelmendi was arrested on May 5, 2013.

Zef Mustafa

Zef Mustafa was born in Albania but moved to America together with his parents when he was a boz in 1962 to escape the communist regime of Enver Hoxha. At the age of 2, his mother died and then his father died after 9 years.

ZEf Mustafa
Zef Mustafa
Mustafa was very affiliated with the Gambino criminal family. When she was raised she was considered a very violent person and bloodthirsty. He was also John Gotti's friend. Zefi was able to scare the smartest mafia. "I hate these devils Albanians," said a boss in the Genovese criminal family in an FBI peek several years ago relating to Mustafa band. "If you see an Albanian and a wolf, kill the Albanian. You can not discus with them." Mustafa was known as the man of the baseball bat. According to justice informers, Mustafa has broken many people's heads.

One of the attorneys working for Mustafa's defense said, "Even the most clever criminals were afraid of him." It is thought that he managed to build more fortune than Alex Rudaj, even more than the members of Gambino himself. He was arrested in 1993.
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