I feel better when I speak Albanian and I get angry when they say Kosovo belongs to Serbia, Dua Lipa says

Dua Lipa 
 In an interview with the German media Zeit Magazin, the Albanian singer Dua Lipa spoke not only about her music and career but especially about politics.

Some quotes from the interview:

1- The Serbs tried to interpret our history. My grandfather was a historian and he refused to change the history in his name. Opposed and lost his job.

2-Being aware of where you came from and defending the things you believe in - this is important to us. That is why my sister and brother speak very good Albanian, although we have spent most of our lives in the UK. We also write phone messages in Albanian.

3-When I speak Albanian I have more humor.

4-I am shocked by the debate over refugees that is taking place everywhere. I am worried about kids, who have dreams like I used to, but can't realize, as I could. Because they were born in places where they have not possibilities. I know I've had a lot of luck in life.

5-Kosovo is not yet an EU member - it is important that these must be changed, especially for the sake of young people. With a Kosovo passport, you cannot go far away, you need a Schengen visa to go to Europe, this is tricky and lasts forever.

6-Most people in the world remember immediately the war when Kosovo has been mentioned, obviously, it used to be a war zone. But the whole of Kosovo is much more. That's why I always get angry when people say that Kosovo belongs to Serbia.

7-When I hear stories about Trump in the US and Brexit in us (in the UK), this shocks me immensely. But in the meantime, I'm used to being constantly shaken. Everyone I know has voted to stay in the EU, everyone believes in diversity and equal rights for all.

8-Greta Thunberg is fantastic. When a 17-year-old explains to everyone what climate change means, she has so much power, more than when this message comes from the mouths of the elders.
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