'Skanderbeg is of Serbian origin', Albanian Historian Paskal Milo says

 Paskal Milo - a communist-era Albanian historian - in a televised debate discussing one of the greatest Albanian figures Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg said that we must "go down to earth what he actually has been."

Through in an unusual language, Milo says Skanderbeg's mother was Slavic and he was born originally Orthodox.

Milo said further that the names of Gjon Kastriot's children are of Slavic origin.

Pascal Milo and in the background the statue of Skanderbeg on horseback
"If we want to bring Skanderbeg down to earth, we have to say some things that historians have said over time and centuries," Milo said.

Further, Milo says Skanderbeg fought for the protection of Christianity, and not for the protection of the Albanians.

We remind that Paskal Milo, based on his name and surname, is of the Orthodox religion of the Greek minority in Albania. But under communism, some communities, such as the Greeks and Vlachs in Albania, were privileged to hold high positions. Some historians think that this was a suggestion that the dictator of the former Soviet Union, J. V. Stalin, made to the Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha, where he wrote to him that 60% of the Albanian administration should be of Orthodox origin and not Albanians.
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