Monica Bellucci is of Albanian descent

Monica Belluci
 We have seen her many times and many famous men have desired her for her beauty, but they never understood that she is of Albanian descent.

It is about the Italian model and actress Monica Bellucci.

Invited in Top Show at Top Channel, the owner of the circus Bellucci in Tirana, Attilio stated that is related by blood with Monica and they are cousins because their origin is Albanian.

"It is about more or less at the time of Skanderbeg (1470) where some arbereshe family emigrated to Italy because of Ottoman invasion and from there we have originated."

Although our last name first was "Belushi", same as American actors Jim and John Belushi, over time the letter "sh" is by "c" and we have the surname that you know us today," said Attilio.

Now is time for Monica to visit Albania and touch her ancestral roots. This will be another motive for Albanians to like her even more.
Monica Bellucci is of Albanian descent Monica Bellucci is of Albanian descent Thursday, March 03, 2016 Rating: 5
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