Most famous Albanians in the World

Most famous Albanians in the World
 Famous Albanians in the frame of 4 decades
 A not complete list, however, includes many Albanian names. We note that in the meantime there are also many other famous Albanians. 1. Mother Teresa

Not only the most famous of the Albanians, but also the Albania with whom gets proud.

2. Robert De Niro, actor

The penultimate night of 61st Italian Song festival, Sanremo, the special guest, Robert de Niro, claimed his mouth on Rai 1, that has mixed origins between Sicily and Albania. Now the Albanians will be more interested on his films.

3. Ismail Kadare - writer

World famous writer and winner of "Man Booker Prize"

4. Inva Mula - soprano

Internationally renowned soprano, which represents our country with dignity in the world scene.

5. Anna Oxa - singer, Italy

Renowned Italian singer admitted that her father has arrived in Italy from Albania and precisely from Kruja.

6. Sandra Bullock, US actress

It was announced that the father of Sandra Bullock is of Albanian origin.

7. James Belushi - Actor, USA

Famous American actor, James Belushi, and brother of the late John Belushi, is of Albanian origin.

8. Ferid Murad

Nobel laureate with an Albanian father and American mother, Dr. Ferid Murad, won the "Nobel" in medicine in 1998.

9. Angelin Preljocaj

Paris ballet maestro, Angelin Preljocaj has won a number of international awards.

10. Eliza Dushku - Actress, USA

The Actress who starred alongside Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio in "The story of a boy", is of Albanian origin.

11. Agim Kaba - Actor, USA

Very few know that the charming boy who played in the soap opera "As the world revolves", is of Albanian origin.

12. Stan Dragoti - director, US

Hollywood director and producer has announced several years ago when he arrived in Albania his Albanian origin.

13. Richard Lukaj - Economist, Wall Street, US

Born in Italy to Albanian parents, Lukaj is characterized as a "magician" of Wall Street, while remaining one of the youngest managers of high rank.

14. Joseph DioGuardi - former congressman, US

Former US Congressman Joseph DioGuardi, who was born in Bronx, New York, and at the same time the leader of the Albanian American Civic League, is of Albanian origin and since 1989 has made 15 trips to the Balkans.

15. Emina Cunmulaj - models, US

Supermodel of Albanian origin, Emina Cunmulaj was declared the new star of the famous fashion models magazine "Elite" and "Vogue" in the US.

16. Alan Shepard - cosmonaut

He was born in East Dery, New Hampshire, US, on 18 November 1923. He is of Albanian origin. Shepard on Apollo 4 mission in January-February 1971 maneuvered by himself the spacecraft . As an astronaut, he is the first to fly in space, and the fifth American who has stepped on the moon. Before retirement he is promoted Admiral.

17. Tie (Tahir) Domi - hockey player, Canada

Born in Ontario, Canada on November 1, 1969 to Albanian parents. It's quite a famous hockey player in Canada.

18. James Biberaj - Actor, USA

Actor in the United States, while his parents are Albanians.

19. George Tenet - former Director of the CIA

Former CIA director, who became famous by the war in Iraq, has declared himself in his autobiographical book, is originally from Himara.

20. Kristine Elezaj - singer

Known as the "Kebe" to her fans, he is an Albanian-American singer. He has become quite popular in the US. Cristina launched the first song "Let You Know" a year ago followed by "Souvenirs". Elezaj few days ago came at 53rd on "Grammy" prices.

21. Azem Maksutaj- Champion Taibox

It is among the most recognized athletes in the world. At age 19 he became the world champion in half heavy weight in Taiboks. Regarded as the best athlete in the world in Taiboks to have become even more movies.

Laureta Meci 22 - actress, USA

Meci is born in Kucova, has completed the prestigious acting school "Stella Adler" in New York and is advancing in her career.

23. Ilir Shaqiri - dancer, Italy

Albanian famous dancer in Italy, became known from the Italian television program "Amici".

24. Kledi Kadiu - dancer, Italy

Albanian dancer with great fame in Italy after his participation and success in the television program "Amici".

25. Leon Cino - dancer, Italy

Leon Cino also became known very soon in Italy.

26. Klajdi Selimi - dancer, Italy

Again an Albanian dancer quickly became protagonist of the program "Amici".

27. Donald Llambro - journalist

He is one of the most famous journalists in the US. He is currently head of the political correspondence in The Washinton Times. He was born on July 14, 1940 to Albanian parents in Massachusetts. He is married and has a son. One of his most striking articles is the discovery of some controversy in the presidential debate between John Kerry and George Bush.

28. Teddy Papavrami - violinist, France

Born in Tirana, he studied at national conservative "Superieur de Musique" in Paris. He has performed in many of the world scenes.

29. Erald Dervishi - world chess champion

Born in Durres, he is one of the youngest champions in the history of world chess.

30. Anthony Athanas -biznesmen

Born in 1911 in Korca, he moved to New York when he was only 5 years old and able to open in Boston one of the most famous restaurants in the country. In recent years, his restaurant served nearly 700,000 meals a year, being considered as the fifth of most important restaurants of America.

31. Saimir Pirgu - tenor

Despite being young, Saimir Pirgu quickly became known as a tenor, winning numerous awards in Italy.

32. Photographer Fadil Berisha

Regarded as the greatest photographer in the world. Fadil Berisha is Albanian. Some of the personalities who are clients of the studio are names such as Halle Berry, Placido Domingo, Snoop Dog, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, etc.

33. Hila Popaj - former actor, USA (Chinatoën)

Those who have seen the film series "Ninja" must have seen without knowing that he is Albanian.

34. Lirie Begeja - director, France

Lirie Begeja is the known French-Albanian.

35. Elsa Lila - singer, Italy

Once won her first National Festival in Albania, she became known in Italy, where he participated in Sanremo Festival.

36. Nik Xhelilaj, actor

Born in Tirana in 1983, the cinema screen debut of him is in 2008 with the film "Sorrow of Mrs. Schneider". But the dramatic film on immigration, entitled "Albanian", directed by Johannes Naber, where Xhelilaj is the protagonist, brought him in "Shooting Star", being the first Albanian actor reaching this success. A few weeks ago he was named one of 10 best young actors of the European for the moment.

37. Miriam Cani - singer, Germany

Girls of the band "Preluders", Miriam Cani, already known in Germany and in other European countries, is from Elbasan.

38. William Gregory - astronaut, US

William Gregory is an American astronaut, whose ancestors emigrated from Albania in the beginning of the last century.

39. Karl Gega - architect

Karl Gega is a world-famous architect. He is also the builder of the Semmering railway!

40. Igli Tare - footballer, Italy

Albanian footballer, who is very successful also in Italy. Now is the technical director of the team of Lazio.

41. Ambeta Toromani - ballerina, Italy

As many other Albanian ballerina also Toromani Ambeta quickly became known in Italy.

42. Oni Pustina - model, Italy

I appeared in various advertisements, Oni Pustina is the famous Albanian model who plays the postman in the Italian show "Ce posta per te".

43. Valbona Çoba - model, actress, USA

She firstly became known in Albania, then in Greece as a famous model, and is now a model and actress in US.

44. Aris Golemi - ballet maestro, choreographer

Graduate at School of Ballet in Tirana, he has performed live with aspiring country singer, Dwight Yoakam, and also has been the choreographer of some parts of the group N'SYNC.

45. Eda Zari - singer, Germany

Born in Tirana, Eda Zari living from many ears in Germany, is a popular singer, producer and songwriter. She is also an ambassador of culture of Albania.

46. Alexander Moisiu - actor

Moisiu today is worshiped and respected in the world, but especially in Albania as one of the greatest actors of the country, although he since his youth no longer visited Albania.

47. Laura Mersini, Houghton - scientist

She is a cosmologist and is Albanian, and one of the few women in the world to deal with this science.

48. Andamion Murataj - cinematographer

Is an Albanian filmmaker who has worked as a screenwriter and filmmaker in New York during the last 12 years. He is a graduate of the American University (Washington DC). As a filmmaker he has shot many films and documentaries between them and the PBS documentary Children Will Listen

49. Luan Krasniqi, boxer

He was already a famous boxer, who held untill lately the European Champion title.

50. Lorik Cana, footballer

He played in many European clubs and has contributed showing the value of a real Albanian. He is also a UNICEF ambassador, along with Beckham and Ronaldo.

Denata Ndreca, poet, writer, Italy

Born in Shkoder in 1976, Denata Ndreca is a poet, writer, journalist, translator, and educator. She is internationally known for her poetry. She lives and works in Italy. She has been honored with a number of awards in Italy and several European countries and her poems have been translated and continue to be translated into many languages of the world.

The list goes on with Rene Redzepi and others ...

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