Greek historian: Greece was Albanian, even today a half of Greeks are Albanians (Video)

Maria Efthimiou, a professor of history at the University of Athens, awarded with honorary price by Greek Presidency is engaged in teaching in multiple fields, here she gives a lecture on Arvanites (Albanians) in Greece. 

Without making common terminology differences, Albanian or Arvanitas, Efthimiou talks about their role and the fact that Albanian language in Greece before two centuries was the first language in some regions.

An interesting moment is the opening of schools in Greek language for Arvanites childrens in the island of Specas, where one of the teachers wrote that "while I was learning Greek, Albanian children were teaching me the Albanian language."

"I learned Albanian in order to learn to them the Greek language" follows this moment. The lecture has its own communication value, it is not seen as the complex avoidance, bypass or even lie we have learned to think as criteria with which our neighboring Historiography operates.

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