Swiss give 6 mln euros about vocational training schools

At the meeting

Is presented today in Vlora the project "Skills for Work" that "Swisscontact", with financial support of the Swiss Government, will implement for the transformation of 5 schools and vocational training centers in the districts of Vlora, Berat and Lezha, in schools of excellence and multifunctional centers. Present at the meeting were Minister Blendi Klos, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Swiss Embassy in Tirana, the head of the Council of Vlora, and directors of vocational schools, labor offices and interest groups from the districts which this project will be implemented.

In his speech at the conclusion of the meeting, Minister Blendi Klos appreciated Swiss assistance to support the reform of vocational education and training in our country and to turn it into a real opportunity which guarantees employment for the areas were will be implemented.

"All providers of vocational education and training here in Vlora, the vocational school Independence, trade schools and the local Vocational Training Centre, Kolin Gjoka school in Lezha and Kristo Isak in Berat, so in total 4 schools is expected to be transformed to centers of excellence. Also, a vocational training center will turn into multifunctional center. At least 4,200 students and trainees will have more opportunity to work thanks to a better management of schools, improvement of supply and inclusion of private sector on education and vocational training, as well as strengthening the cooperation among employers and jobseekers in the labor market " Minister Blendi Klos said in his speach.

He also asked from all stakeholders in this process, Swiss partners, local authorities and vocational education institutions a concrete and fast coraboration in order that the project to begin the implementation within a month so these schools to be ready for new educational season in September.

"From today, we look at the technical level, under 'Swisskontakt' leadership, to work very hard to make the project preparation and support these 4 schools. The quality of work that all together will do today and in the coming weeks, will depends and materialize from the generous support that comes from the Swiss Government through this project. We have a lot of deadlines, but I would hope that in May we had the opportunity together with the Ambassador Graff, senior representatives of local authorities in the districts of Vlora, Berat and Lezha, were these investments will be made, to start concretely the implementation of the project. If we lose time, then we will be outside the parameters required for this project to be successful ", said Klosi.

 In total, the Swiss Government through "Swisscontact" predicted to invest in this project a budget of 6 million euros.

But this will only be only the first project that MMSR and its partners will begin to implement in the context of the radical reform of the institutions of education and training in the country.

"We are already in negotiations with several partners of the Ministry, which actually the Austrian support is also in the early stages of its closing and will select three of those schools offering hotel and tourism training, having also the same line to support three multifunctional centers and schools of excellence. Also, with the Italian Government for 4 schools, 2 agricultural schools in Lushnja and Fier, the school Hysen Cela in Durres and a school in Shkodra on megatronik profile. The same support we have from the German Government with a very important project in Kamze school, which may be one of the biggest schools in the country. We have the same opportunities for cooperation with the British Government," Klosi said in his speech.
Swiss give 6 mln euros about vocational training schools Swiss give 6 mln euros about vocational training schools Saturday, February 27, 2016 Rating: 5
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