Bank of Albania: Business optimism increases

The Bank of Albania declared that the optimism in economy marked a strong growth in the second trimester of this year, not only for businesses, but also for consumers.
The indicators of the economic sensibility, which measures the trust of businesses and consumers for the economic situation, grew with 5.6%, marking the highest level since 2011.

This is the third trimester that this indicator is improved, mainly led by the optimism in industry, commerce and services.

The industry sector is experiencing a positive moment, The trust indicators have turned above the average for the first time since 2011, with 9.3% more than the average of the past five years.

According to the monitoring, the industry businesses have declared growing production and improvement of their financial situation. The second trimester is the period in which the government started liquidating the delayed debts to businesses, which, according to bank experts, could be one of the main factors for increasing their optimism.

Beside business, the second trimester has changed the negative trend in the consumers trust, who say that they expect a better economic situation and improved finances.

The Bank of Albania is using the economic sensibility as an indicator for the economic growth. But is this a sign that the economy could be rising? This remains to be seen in the upcoming months.

According to the IMF, the lowest point of the crisis for the Albanian economy might have been the third trimester of the past year.
Bank of Albania: Business optimism increases Bank of Albania: Business optimism increases Friday, July 18, 2014 Rating: 5
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