Basha: there are 3 cocaine labs in Albania

Basha: there are 3 cocaine labs in Albania

 The leader of Albanian Democratic Party Lulzim Basha has accused havily the government and Prime Minister Edi Rama, stating that the drug caught in Durres is owned by the head of government and that Albania is making major efforts to return the country to a station of proccesing strong drugs.

Basha has stated that there are at least three cocaine processing laboratories in Albania, which have been created with the support of the Albanian government. Basha find the responsability to Prime Minister Rama, stating that an amount of 620 kilograms could never pass unless there was a strong political guarantee.

Basha says the owner "Arbër Garden" banana company left just one day after the drug operation, a clear sign that the government dome warned the latter to "disappear". Basha stated that as with the case of "Xibraka", the key people who can show the "big" names behind cocaine and drugs disappear immediately. The same thing happened in the case of 620 kilograms of cocaine caught last week in Durres.

Even Basha has gone further, saying that the brother of Prime Minister Rama is involved in this drug trafficking.

"We meet in this assembly after the tragic events of last week ... In Albania, a government is tied up with the most dangerous drug clans. Instead, there is a prime minister who directly and through family members promoted the domestic criminal organizations and made part of international cocaine and heroin trafficking cartels. It started with marijuana but soon as anywhere else where crime is not fought but sits on the chair of power, the drug problem spread to cocaine traffic.

The first attempt, that of Xibraka, failed only thanks to the efforts of foreign authorities. The leaders were never caught, while Edi Rama himself closed his mouth, recovered the damage and promised the continuation of the cocaine processing industry. The opposition has long warned that there are at least 3 cocaine labs in Albania

What are the facts that Edi Rama, Fatmir Xhafa and other cocaine shareholders try to hide. On February 28, two people were arrested in Maminas, a driver and a worker transporting a truck carrying 613 kilograms of cocaine.

This container, arrived on behalf of Abri Garden, had been in the port since 19 February, ie full 9 days waiting for clearance, along with two other containers on behalf of this company and some others. A simple control showed that this company has made 97 loads from Colombia.

This owner is declared wanted, left on Feb. 27, 24 hours before his drug will be discovered, ...

Xhafa's first reaction was congratulating police and foreign partners on co-operation. After a long silence spoke Rama, who boasted that the operation was carried out by police without any signal from the partners.

Drugs would go to a lab in the Albanian territory for further processing," said Basha.
Basha: there are 3 cocaine labs in Albania Basha: there are 3 cocaine labs in Albania Tuesday, March 06, 2018 Rating: 5
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