The 109-year old football team of Elbasan will no longer exist, problems with funds

elbasan football team, 2005-2006
 Elbasan Football team, 2005-2006
 KF Elbasani no longer exists. The club that has won five important trophies in Albanian football was not part of the draw in the Second Category. Ranked in the middle of the table last season, KF Elbasani will no longer be part of the championship after 109 years, state media reports.

The death of president Arben Laze has caused the club to remain without funding, heading towards the inevitable end. The city hall a season ago formed the Elbasani Football Academy, which is now part of the Second category.

We remind that KF Elbasani dates back to 1913 as a football structure, winning five trophies in Albania. Two championship titles in 1983-84 and 2005-06, two Albanian Cups in 1974-75 and 1991-92 as well as the Supercup of the 1991-92 season.

This season, part of the Second Category will be the Elbasani Football Academy team, managed by Gentian Stojku and financed by the municipality.
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