Inflation in Albania reached 8%, high prices in the market

 Albania and Europe experienced further price increases in August. In our country, inflation reached 8%, while in the European Union, 10.1%.

The data shows that transport and food continue to have the largest weight in price increases, followed by alcoholic beverages and rent and furniture, Euronews reports.

In the food group, oil, milk, eggs and bread have increased by over 20% compared to last August.

In August, high inflation was felt by Albanian families also due to the fact that the first package of resistance had ended.

However, the government activated this month a second aid package, mainly for families with low incomes, and for this, it declares that it was able to keep inflation under control, so as not to destabilize the market.

On the other hand, energy, food, and alcoholic beverages accounted for the largest increase in prices in the European Union.

Dependence on Russian energy and the slow path to finding other energy sources have increased the price of bills in many EU countries.

Eastern European countries are among the countries with the highest inflation, while countries such as Malta, Iceland, and Switzerland have the lowest inflation in Europe.
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