Albania and Kosovo condemn the Iranian attacks

 Albanian President Ilir Meta said on Wednesday that Albania is not a devilish country, but a democratic country that has suffered from an unprecedented devilish dictatorship to human rights.

His comments followed statements by Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, who spoke earlier of "a very small but a treacherous European country where Americans cooperate with Iranian traitors against the Islamic Republic", referring to Albania were have been sheltered two thousand members of the Iranian opposition movement of Mojahedin-e-Khalq.

President Meta wrote on social media Wednesday that the "missiles fired by Iran toward two Iraqi military bases that house US military and coalition personnel are a provocative act with dangerous consequences for the region and its stability. Iran must respect international agreements, international laws and their obligations in the interest of peace.

Albania is not a devilish country, but a democratic country that has suffered from an unprecedented devilish dictatorship, with its human rights sanctified.

For two decades, Albania remains firm in its commitments alongside the US and NATO countries in the fight against international terrorism and any act that endangers world stability and peace," he wrote.

Meanwhile, Kosovo's president, Hashim Thaci, condemned Iranian missile attacks against US forces.

Kosovo, he wrote, is a member of the international coalition against terrorism and calls for Iran to end the violence. Kosovo stands in support of the United States and the Atlantic family in this time of turmoil, he wrote.

Speaking to reporters in Vienna, where he is expected to speak before the OSCE Permanent Council tomorrow, in his capacity as head of the organization, Prime Minister Edi Rama said the presence in Albania of over 3,000 mujahideen, also known as the opposition of the Iranian regime does not specifically expose its country in these moments of fierce conflict between Iran and the United States of America.

"This is a topic and an issue that is not new to us in relation to Iran. We have taken an action that honors Albania in line with the Albanian tradition, in the wake of a non-negotiable strategic alliance with the United States, to welcome or open the doors to a group of people who are at risk to life. And as it is written in the agreement that we have made, they are in Albania as the result of a humanitarian, not political, humanitarian operation”, explained Prime Minister Rama.

"However - he continued - I do not believe that this exposes specifically Albania and we have no reason to believe this, precisely because we are in constant contact with our allies and when it comes to intelligence, I believe they are worldwide uncompetitive and we are in safe hands when it comes to obtaining information and we have no objective reason to believe that there is a particular exposure, but on the other hand we are engaged and let's say, engaged in daily work on this process, definitely."
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