800 registered so far to compete in Tirana Marathon

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 For the second consecutive year, Tirana will be the capital of professional and amateur runners who will take part in Tirana Marathon on October 15. Being officially certified and internationally recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations and Association of International Marathon and Distance Race.

The preparations for Tirana Marathon are underway, while in just a few days after the opening of the applications, the number of those registered to participate in it has reached over 700, while the number of interested is even greater.

Resources from the organizing group near the Municipality of Tirana indicate that the applicants who have been registered so far are professional sportsmen, but a large number of them are amateur racers who practice running individually. A great interest is learned that there were also by foreign nationals, who also used the opportunities offered online to enroll in this sporting event internationally.

The new itinerary will cover the most attractive points of Tirana enabling thus a promotion of the tourist attractions that the capital offers.

Just like in the past year, the Tirana Marathon will offer racing opportunities for all categories at different distances and itineraries, where everyone can prove themselves, conveying at the same time the message of a healthy life through sport.

Even this year, the Tirana Marathon will compete in several categories such as "Fun Run", where Tirana school students will run on the streets of Tirana, where besides the message for a healthier life through sport, which may be future athletes.

The Marathon fulfilling all the international criteria will provide opportunities for people with different abilities who will compete in the category "We too". In addition to these amateur and limited-distance categories, the Tirana Marathon will also be a challenge for true athletes who will compete in the Half Marathon (21,975 km) and Tirana 10K.

While organizers invite all those who have not yet been able to enroll to apply through their  online site - http://maratonaetiranes.al/kategoria-e-maratones//Oculus News

800 registered so far to compete in Tirana Marathon 800 registered so far to compete in Tirana Marathon Wednesday, September 06, 2017 Rating: 5
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