Professor Spahic: John Lennon, Novak Djokovic and...all are Albanians (Video)

 Professor Besim Spahic, specializing in political communication and now a professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo, through this video speaks against Balkan nationalism and shows some prominent names in the world, as in politics, art and science and means that all these names are Albanians.

In a video published Spahic speaks clearly  about the Balkan nationalism, saying that the Balkan nationalism is useless, in some way this mocks Serbs and Croats for their nationalism.

Croats say that if they know someone is Catholic, they call him automatically Croatian.

He mentions great world names in politics, culture and art in general, giving evidence that they are Albanians.

Professor Spahic: John Lennon, Novak Djokovic and...all are Albanians (Video)

When speaking to politicians, first he mentioned Drazen Budisa (candidate for president of Croatia in 90s), for whom he says is Albanian, so saying that 7 US senators are of Albanians by origin. Robert Bob Doll - American politician who represented Kansas in the US Senate from 1969 to 1996, also Albanian.
When talking about culture, he mentioned a list of the world's biggest names in fashion as well as in music, such as Georgio Armani, John Lennon, Inva Mula ...

"Nationalists like the fashion of Georgio Armani, but when I said that he is Albanian, the most offend," said Spahic.

About the Known band of the "The Beatles" part of which was John Lennon, Spahic say that Lennon by himself in an interview had shown that he was originally from Albania.

"This is not sayd by me, but John Lennon in an interview when said for his inspire when he created a song, the song that was created the Albanian people at the time, and Lennon recreated it in a version of rock music," said Spahic.

The family of John Lennon are originally from Elbasan, and from there went to Liverpool, UK.

"Because of nationalism, I can not hear the Balkans Inva Mula, sopranisten best that has ever existed. But, on the other hand, when you are alone and no one sees, mad to hear her voice and to worship in any presentation, "said Spahic.
When talking about Croats, he explains that three Popes were by Albanian descent.

With regards to sports, names like Josip George, Tomislav Jevciq, Novak Djokovic (tennis player), according Spahic all this names are Albanians.

"All think that Novak Djokovic is a pure Serb, but the Serbs have no adjective like Djoko. He is a Catholic Albanian from Tuzla," said Spahic.

Spahic in this lecture says most residents in Zadar, Croatia, are pelasgians who came from Greece, but we know that pelasgians wre Albanians.

He also emphasized several times that the Albanians are the oldest inhabitants of the country.

Speaking of nationalism, he calls this serious disease.

"Extreme nationalism is a disease, takes energy, stomach hurting, raises blood pressure, causes stress, can not live with it, can not normally look at the world as it is," said Spahic.

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