Former Prime Minister of the country Sali Berisha said that what happened in the city of Durres, was a horror crime, a terrible one. Writing on his Facebook profile, the Democrat MP says that with Meta and Rama governing the country there will be no safety and security.

"Two women, old ladies, brutally massacred in their apartment in Durres. Dear friends, a horror crime happened last night in this city.

Two women were bound and brutally killed overnight in their home. This is a monstrous crime that has shocked Durres and all Albania, the testimony that crime is threatening order and security. This is another accusation for Rama and Tahiri. With Meta and Rama governing the country we will not have safety and security" he said.

Berisha also remined everyone what he called criminal ties and connections Rama and Meta have with criminal gangs in the country. 
- Oculus News

Wednesday, September 03, 2014 Rating: 5
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