Bushati sheds light on toponyms pact with Greece

dsd.jpgAlbanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati reported today in the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Policy of topographical issues, negotiations with the Greek government and the operation of Albanian diplomacy, a requested issue from members of the Democratic Party.

Democratic Party deputy, Aldo Bumçi, accused the majority of physical violence against opposition deputies and then left the gathering.

Foreign chairwoman Arta Dade, said that the meeting has a different purpose and invited colleagues to discuss the issue at hand. "Yesterday's violence has nothing to do with today's issues,"Mrs. Dade said.

Albanian FM, Dirmir Bushati, after expressing his regret for the absence of the opposition's deputies, said that the toponims problem is towards the resolution and has been agreed to be finalized by all international laws and regulations of the United Nations.

Bushati stressed that "architects" of the nautical agreement with Greece which was rejected by the Constitutional Court in 2009, is being investigated by the Prosecutors after being denounced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who has filed a full record of all the procedures undertaken by "Berisha" government, that enabled the finalisation in 2009.
Bushati sheds light on toponyms pact with Greece Bushati sheds light on toponyms pact with Greece Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Rating: 5
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