Albanian Mafia: Second Only to Italy's 'Ndrangheta, Says Prosecutor Gratteri

 Italian prosecutor Nicola Gratteri made significant remarks about the Albanian mafia during an interview on Euronews Albania this Thursday. Gratteri emphasized that the Albanian mafia does not see any advantage in investing its money within Albania.

Video screenshot of Nicola Gratteri while on interview to Euronews Albania with the journalist Thimi Samarxhiu
 Video screenshot of Nicola Gratteri while on interview to Euronews Albania with the journalist Thimi Samarxhiu
Gratteri explained that the existence of the Albanian mafia is confirmed by its ability to control territories and instill fear in the public, characteristics that differentiate it from mere criminal groups.

"The Albanian mafia is the second most significant mafia after the Italian one in the drug market. It closely collaborates with the 'Ndrangheta. When a criminal organization organizes drug shipments or executes a series of robberies but then becomes structured, meaningful, and stable in a territory, it transitions from being a criminal organization to being a mafia. Thus, when an organization can control a territory and instill fear in public opinion, we are dealing with a mafia," the Italian prosecutor stated.

When asked by host Thimi Samarxhiu about the cooperation between Albanian groups and the 'Ndrangheta mafia in Italy, Gratteri responded:

"So far, we have seen Albanian and Macedonian clans specializing in cocaine transportation across Europe. Recently, Albanians have managed to travel to South America, purchase significant quantities of drugs, and bring them to Europe. I observe a qualitative leap in their development," Gratteri said.

Based on his studies, Gratteri noted that the Albanian mafia prefers to invest in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, or Northern Italy.

"I don't think the Albanian mafia finds it beneficial to invest in Albania. I believe the mafia, including the Albanian one, is interested in investing in more developed and wealthy countries where they have the opportunity to hide their money. Investments by the Italian mafia, such as hotels and restaurants, are mainly from Rome and upwards, in northern Italy. Therefore, I think these organizations, including the Albanian ones, prefer to invest in wealthy and highly active countries like the Netherlands or Germany," Gratteri explained.

He further commented on his deep understanding of the mafia, distinguishing the Albanian mafia for its efficiency and brutal structure.

"The Albanian mafia is a harsh, violent, and highly efficient structure. Its brutality makes it fearsome on the international stage. Albanians are very determined in their criminal endeavors," he concluded.
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