A Dramatic Draw: Albania vs. Croatia Ends 2-2

 In a thrilling encounter, Albania secured a 2-2 draw against Croatia thanks to goals from Laci and Gjasula. Below are the reactions from the key players, as captured by Albanian media:

Gjasula and the players of the Albanian national team after the second goal of the draw against Croatia


“I think we played a very good game. With all due respect to Croatia, compliments to their players and Dalic for everything they've achieved, but today I think we were truly strong. We couldn't close the match, then conceded two goals which made things very difficult. The last five minutes will remain in the minds of all Albanians. We will remember this game for a lifetime. Our players are gaining a lot of experience from all this. The outcome of the game is determined by results – if Manaj's shot against Italy had gone in, today we would be talking differently. Conceding two quick goals again? You know how that improves? You have to play in the European Championship more often, by going to the World Cup, that's how you improve.”


“Today we entered the field only to win, we wanted three points. Sometimes you need luck as well. Many didn't believe in us and this was the answer. We should have won, we should have taken the three points. I was emotional during the two goals, we will now play against Spain only for a win.”


“A very emotional match, it's a pity we didn't take three points. We conceded some goals that could have been avoided and in the end, we had the chance for 3-2. We could have done more, but this is the path. My chance? I thought Modric would intervene there, I found the ball with my eyes closed.”


“God wanted to give me the chance to score the goal, I made some situations not well or not at all well. The first 60 minutes were fantastic for us, we were the better team on the field. Then the game slipped out of our hands and if we had been a bit calmer, we would have won 3-2.”

Qazim Laci:

“Today we deserved at least one point, we fought hard for this point. This is the most important goal in my career, with this point we will have more confidence for the match against Spain. Why not, we aim for second or third place.”

The match showcased Albania's resilience and determination, and despite not securing a win, the team's performance has instilled a sense of belief and optimism for future encounters.
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