The Albanian astrophysicist no longer believes in UFOs, "the findings in Mexico are not proof"

Enkeled Caca in Euronews Albania
 Enkeled Caca in Euronews Albania
Albanian astrophysicist Enkeled Caca stated said on Euronews Albania that he used to believe strongly in the existence of aliens and extraterrestrial life, but he has since changed his mind because, according to him, there is no evidence to prove their existence.

 According to the Albanian astrophysicist these is not proof, as the UFO must have equipment or materials around it as it comes to earth, in an atmosphere not friendly to it
Caca mentioned that even the discovery of mummified alien bodies does not constitute proof, as the finding of objects that could demonstrate the existence of these intelligent beings is lacking.

"I'm sorry, but I'll speak against myself from 20 years ago. I used to believe strongly in the existence of aliens, but as I delved into science, I started to look for evidence. Science requires evidence. These are not evidence. We had two exposed beings in Mexico, and what I see there is a complete lack of technology. We are talking about highly technologically advanced beings, and they are small bodies. But what they are, we don't know.

It's impossible for such a being to be absolutely devoid of anything around it; there is nothing, just the body. There are no clothes or objects. An astronaut coming into a hostile environment like Earth's atmosphere must have clothing; metallic garments can last for thousands of years. Everything is missing there. I know from history that in that area, the mummification of babies was quite common. There are many baby mummies found in that area," said Enkeled Caca.
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