The Albanian theologian states that ufology attempts to undermine belief in God, "there is no God, but rather alien beings."

miron cako in a local tv
 Miron Çako invited in a local TV (archive)
 Albanian theologian Miron Çako stated this Sunday on Euronews Albania that hypotheses about the existence of extraterrestrial beings have been around since World War II, but so far, there is no concrete evidence, only hypotheses and unverified claims.

According to him, through Ufology, an attempt is being made to undermine faith and belief in God, as people are being led to believe that God, the Creator, does not exist, and what exists are these alien beings.

"The issue of UFOs has been discussed since World War II and has since intensified with these sightings. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, serious sciences do not have a well-defined, tangible object that is absolute for everyone but have various hypotheses. Even today, there is a kind of science called ufology, but it has more hypotheses and testimonies than scientific facts.

In a way, a belief is being created that there are other beings, and the message conveyed by these extraterrestrial beings is that primitive humans once considered these beings as gods due to their ignorance, but now that we are more developed, we understand that there is no God, no Creator, but there are these alien beings. Through Ufology, faith in a transcendent and immanent God is being challenged," said Miron Çako..
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