The period of stay of Ukrainian citizens in Albania is extended to two years

Ukrainian citizens landing in Rinas (archive)
 Ukrainian citizens landing in Rinas (archive)
 Citizens of Ukraine who enter Albania have a longer stay in our country from 1 year to 2 years.

The decision was taken at today's meeting of the Council of Ministers, local media say.

"In support of Article 100 of the Constitution and Point 2, Article 29, of Law No. 79/2021, "On Foreigners", with the proposal of the Minister of the Interior and the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Council of Ministers decided:

In point 1, of decision no. 169, dated 18.3.2022, of the Council of Ministers, "On determining the term of entry and stay of citizens of Ukraine in the Republic of Albania", the phrase "... 1 (one) year..." is replaced with "... 2 (two) years...", says the Decision of Council of Ministers.
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