The four protesters who were killed on January 21, 2011, are remembered in Tirana

 In Tirana, family members of the victims and socialist authorities honored the 4 protestors killed 12 years ago, during a demonstration organized by the opposition, today in the Martyrs of the Nation Promenade.

Family members of those killed on January 21 protesting on Dëshmorët e Kombit Boulevard
Family members of those killed on January 21 protesting on Dëshmorët e Kombit Boulevard
Prime Minister Edi Rama emphasized that justice must do justice, while former Prime Minister Sali Berisha repeated that Mr. Rama controls all powers today.

The anniversary was marked with the hope of re-opening investigations after the warrants were first published on Garda radio during the protest.

A few meters from the headquarters of the government, where 4 opposition protesters were killed by the bullets of the national guard, Prime Minister Edi Rama, family members and other representatives of the left majority placed flowers at the 4 places where they were killed, VOA reports.

This ritual took place even today on the 12th anniversary of this event, as it has been repeatedly repeated along with the calls for the reopening of this case.

Mr. Rama noted on the Facebook network that he paid tribute "in the endless waiting for justice to do justice, while the truth is universally known and a new shocking fact has just come to light."

He referred to the publication the day before by the journalist Artan Hoxha of the communications on the radios of the commanders of the Guard of the Republic, who asked to keep their weapons ready to fire, while observing the demonstration called by the Socialist Party under the cries of "O Sali, hand over the block".

It was about a notepad belonging to former minister Ilir Meta, where it was suspected that he kept records of corrupt affairs, in videos that were secretly recorded by former minister Dritan Prifti and published by the Fiks Fare program on Top Channel television.

Minister Elisa Spiropali also referred to the orders exchanged by the Guard command and published a day before the 12th anniversary by journalist Artan Hoxha.

She said that the word of justice was awaited, but everyone knew that on January 21 there were state murders and not accidental events.

"The publication yesterday of the transcript of audio that talks about firearms and readiness to fire as soon as the protesters cross the fence, while the four martyrs of that dark day were killed far away from the fence of the Prime Minister's Office, requires the immediate reaction of the justice authorities. This is a new fact that screams very loudly for justice on behalf of the victims, orphans, family members and the bloody democracy itself on January 21", said Ms. Spiropali.

She and other socialist representatives have stated that they have never given up justice for January 21, and that they seek justice from justice.

Today, the former prime minister Sali Berisha, who is accused by the socialists of being the author of the tragic event of January 21, appeared before the public.

He said earlier that the killings were accidental, while the Guard was enforcing the law, recalling that he was outside the prime minister's office and hurried back inside to stay in the institution during the protest.

Mr. Berisha said today that Prime Minister Rama controls justice and more power than the last dictator of the communist dictatorship.

"A man with an insatiable thirst for power and wealth, under the blackest examples of political fathers and ancestors, has brought all powers under control. Edi Rama today controls 10 percent more powers than Ramiz Alia, the last communist dictator, in 1991," said Mr. Berisha.

Thousands of protesters, supporters of the socialist opposition, flocked on January 21, 2011 from all the cities of the country to the Martyrs of the Nation promenade to take part in the demonstration organized by the Socialist Party against the alleged corruption of the Berisha government, after the publication of the videos, which showed former minister Ilir Meta, as he spoke with a pad in his hand for hundreds of thousands of euros.

The protesters clashed for several hours with the state police, who were protecting the prime minister, later cars and trees were burned, a vehicle hit the gate of the metal fence in order to enter the perimeter, until bursts of firearms from the Guard of the Republic, in at the end of which 4 people were killed and many were injured.
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