Tirana, a civil servant was arrested on suspicion of corruption

Headquarters of the General Directorate of Police in Tirana
 Headquarters of the General Directorate of Police in Tirana
  The State Police have arrested this person, with the initials B. Ll., 46 years old, resident in Tirana, for the criminal offense of "passive corruption of persons exercising public functions".

OSHEE is a company that provides services such as installing electricity meters for citizens. One of the employees's jobs is to do this. He gets paid for this work, and he is very proud of it, local media writes.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor's office in Tirana continued to work on the case.

The police arrested people who were trying to make money illegally. The prosecutors in the Court of First Instance in Tirana helped the police to code the operation so that it would be easier to track and prosecute the people involved.

After this operation, the citizen was arrested.

B. Ll. is 46 years old, lives in Tirana, and is currently charged with passive corruption of public officials.

It has been found that the man, who is 46 years old and works for OSHEE, installed electricity meters for people, in various places, for a lot of money.
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