Mira Murati, the Albanian behind the technological sensation that is endangering even Google

mira murati
Mira Murati
 "OpenAI" introduced "ChatGPT", the first artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot prototype that has attracted public interest.

Part of this revolution in technology is also the Albanian engineer who lives and works in the United States of America, Mira Murati.

The latter was previously vice president of products and engineering for Leap Motion.

She joined "OpenAI" in 2018 and is currently the Chief Technology Officer of this company that is also endangering the largest search engine on the Internet - Google.

Murati has already given several interviews to television and print media as he dissected ChatGPT, or conversation-based generative transformer models, a type of artificial intelligence that allows users to interact with a virtual assistant using natural language.

"This allows us to get to the point where the model can interact with you and admit when it's wrong," said Mira Murati, NYTimes writes.

She further stated that "ChatGPT may reject something that is inappropriate and may challenge a question or a premise that is incorrect."

In the software industry, Murati is said to have 46,114 colleagues in 3,210 companies located in 66 countries around the world.

OpenAI is among many companies, academic labs, and independent researchers working to build more advanced chatbots.

These systems can't exactly talk like a human, but often seem like they do. They can also receive and repackage information at a speed that humans never could. They can be thought of as digital assistants – like Siri or Alexa – that are better at understanding what you're asking for and giving it to you.

Months ago, Murati was invited to one of the most-watched American TV shows, Trevor Noah's "The Daily Show", where he talked about the DALL-E 2 system. This technology creates images through a certain description or text.

"It is an original image that has not been seen before. We've been creating images since the beginning, and we just took a big chunk of that image and fed it to this AI system. And it learns this connection between the description of the image and the image itself, it learns these patterns, and eventually, it generates images that are original and not copies that may have been seen before," she said.

As for the other prestigious American newspaper, Washington Post, she said that ChatGPT can answer questions and challenge you.

"Can tell you if it doesn't understand a question or it can admit when it's making a mistake, or it can challenge you if it finds the answer is incorrect," she told the Washington Post, adding that "it's basically to learn as a child…

You get something wrong, you don't get rewarded for it. If you get something right, you are rewarded for it. So you adjust to doing more of the right thing."

We emphasize that the Albanian has also led the design, development and launch of vehicle products at Tesla Motors, including the Model X, as well as innovative programs in aerospace.

She has a degree in engineering from the "Thayer School of Engineering" in Dartmouth, New Hampshire, USA.

Alternatively, one of the key features of GPT chat is the ability to generate real-time responses based on user input. This enables a more natural and fluent conversation, as the conversational GPT can understand and respond to a wide range of questions and statements.

Despite the potential benefits of GPT chat, there are also concerns about its implications. Some critics argue that the use of GPT chat could cause the closure of thousands of jobs and a reduction in human interaction, potentially damaging social bonds and relationships.

Overall, GPT chat represents a significant advance in AI chat technology. While the applications and implications are still being explored, it has the potential to improve many aspects of our daily lives.

ChatGPT's largest service could be a financial disaster for Google by providing superior answers to the questions we currently ask the world's most powerful search engine.

Google works by searching billions of web pages, indexing that content, and then ranking it according to the most relevant answers.

It then brings up a list of links to click. ChatGPT offers something more appealing to concerned Internet users: a single answer based on research and synthesis of that information. ChatGPT is trained to collect information from millions of websites.

Chat GPT also provides a single, instant response that does not require further scanning of other websites.
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