'The Leaders Show', Detina Zalli's program aims to inspire people in the world

'The Leaders Show', Detina Zalli's program aims to inspire people in the world
 Dr. Detina Zalli is not an unknown name to the Albanian public, both inside and outside the country. She and her sister Argita are examples of a great success story in the Diaspora. Beyond their scientific contribution, Dr. Detina Zalli, and Dr. Argita Zalli, are an example of inspiration for the Albanian community as well.

The latest initiative is the "Zalli Foundation" created by Dr. Detina Zalli is a charitable organization whose objective is to promote positive transformation by emphasizing the importance of compassion and kindness as core values.

Part of this platform is also the series of interviews "The Leaders Show". A program focused on inspiring people around the world by providing them with motivational messages that encourage them to lead from anywhere and anytime.

Dr. Detina Zalli interviews some of the world's most influential people to inspire people around the world by sharing their life stories, experiences, and expertise.

The next guest of Dr. Detina Zalli is Gift Ostallos Siziva, a political scientist who is passionate about youth participation in democratic and developmental processes.

He was selected to participate in the Obama Foundation Leaders Program in 2022. The Foundation's mission is to inspire, empower and connect people to change their world.

The activity of Gift also goes along this line.

“I launched the 1 million youth campaign, which aims to mobilize one million voices for change in Zimbabwe. In this campaign, we have asked how to organize and activate the young population. This specific demographic group should be allowed to register and vote in accordance with their civic rights and duties. Therefore, the objective of this venture is to ensure the mobilization of young people," he says.

Referring to the experience at the Obama Foundation, he expressed how a child of modest origin felt very appreciated

“I had the opportunity to engage directly with President Obama during a session in which he made a presentation and took questions from the audience. I also gave an interview to CNN, and the Obama team later asked me to introduce the president. I teared up because I couldn't help but feel that it was all a dream. The fact that this is even an opportunity on a global scale is surprising to me.

Barack Obama is the image of a leader. He is a global leader who welcomed me. President Obama inspired me and made me realize that the world is full of opportunities," he concluded.

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