Albanian journalist Elvis Hila and his wife are violated

Journalist Elvis Hila
 Journalist Elvis Hila  
 Journalist Elvis Hila and his wife were violated today because of their duties in Lezhë.

It was the journalist himself who made the report to the police. The suspicions are that the journalist and his wife were violated because of news published today that concerns the decision of the First Court in Lezhë regarding the conviction of Fran Amer for the criminal offense of "Forgery of documents".

He stated in the report that he was in the car and that the perpetrators punched his wife and him.

"I live at the aforementioned address, and I have been working as a journalist for Report TV and for 10 years. Today, on 25.01.2023, I published a news article on the portal and the Report TV channel where I work, in this news it is about the decision that was given on 24.01.2023 by the Court of First Instance of Lezhe regarding the conviction of citizens of Fran for the criminal offense "Forgery of documents".

After the news was published in the media where I work, around 2:47 p.m. today, he called me from the phone number "+355*****, his son insulting, insulting and threatening me about the publication. Around 16:42 I was with my wife and I was called by another citizen with the number "+355693*****" He introduced himself as citizen Paulin Pergjini and asked me to meet in front of Bar Florence near the hospital road. When I got there, I called the number in question and a Golf 6-type vehicle came out, which was parked on the side of the road.

Citizen Indrit Ameri, whose name I do not know, also got out of this car. They told me to park the car and get out of the car. I parked it on the side of the old road to the hospital and there the persons in question approached me, whom I identified as Paulin Pergjini and the other person with Indrit Ameri, and they began to hold me accountable and threaten me regarding the published news. After I refused to get out of the car, they tried to open the car door for me, and at this moment my wife, a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, got out to tell them to leave. After my wife tried to leave the car door and was trying to call the police, the citizen named Indrit Ameri dropped her hand that was holding the phone and after she sat down to pick up the phone, this citizen punched her in the back of the neck.

And then they came in my direction and tried to force me out of the car. After they failed to get me out of the car, citizens Paulin Pergjini and Indrit Ameri kicked and punched me, my wife got into the car and we left for the hospital where I received the appropriate medication. I process the verbal of the report after reading it and confirm that my statements are written correctly and I understand what I said, I sign it without any remarks" says the report made by the journalist.
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