Turkish actress Pelin Batu severely criticized after claimed to be Albanian, Scanderbeg descendant

Screenshot of Pelin Batu while live on Euronews Albania
 Screenshot of Pelin Batu while live on Euronews Albania 
 The well-known Turkish actress Pelin Batu, who said that she has a relationship of 14 generations with the National Hero Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbe, emphasized that she will visit Albania very soon.

In an interview for Euronews Albania, the actress said that after going to Turkey, their parents did not want their children to feel like foreigners, so they were taught the Turkish language.

She further said that when she was little, the Albanian language was a secret, adding that she no longer knows how to speak much.

"He will visit Albania, I feel it as an obligation. They have preserved the traditions, the food on the table has always been Albanian, and the music as well. Unfortunately, when we arrived they felt that their children should not feel like strangers, so they had other plans for me and my brother. They wanted us to assimilate, communication in Albanian was something secret, an internal language between us.

One of the words I know in Albanian is the word "gjatë" (long). I do not understand Albanian. I know the history of Skanderbeg, I know a lot about the history of Albania. It has been a place of honor and war. The special thing about Albania is that it is itself. Albania is a country that is known for its original culture and this is a precious thing" - she emphasizes.

Among other things, Batu said that her post on social networks, where she said that she is the great-great-granddaughter of the National Hero Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbe, received many negative reactions.

She said that people told her how she can be proud of Skanderbeg, which has killed many Turks during the war.

"There were many reactions when I said that I am Skanderbeg's great-great-granddaughter. People started saying that he killed many Ottomans, how can you be proud of someone like Skanderbeg who hated the Turks?! Skëndebeu himself was trained in Turkey, but the politics of the time made him defend his homeland. That's why calling him a traitor is crazy," she said.
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