Duka suggests Armando Broja leave Chelsea and go to Milan

Armando Duka and Armando Broja
 Armando Duka and Armando Broja
 Before the match between Albania and Italy, the head of the Albanian Football Federation, Armand Duka, gave an interview with Tuttomercatoweb. In particular, he talked about Broja, Asllani, and Kumbulla and the future of Albania.

"In my opinion, Asllani and Kumbulla should move to another club where they can trust them. These guys are young, they have to play 90 minutes.

Broja? He was better when he was at Southampton, he always started, but now he plays only 20 minutes at Chelsea. Where will he go? I don't care where, I just want Broja to be okay. Of course, if he moves to Milan, it would be better because I am also a fan of Milan", said Duka.

How is the Italian national team expected in Tirana? It will be luxury friendly, we will play against a strong team that has many fans in Albania. After Italy, most fans in Albania support the Italian national team. There will be great enthusiasm, we have never had such a great demand for tickets. I'm sorry that I can't see Italy in the World Cup, but it's nice to welcome them in Tirana. Here in Albania, it is a real celebration, Italy is the second national team that many citizens of Tirana support. That's why tonight, even though away, the Axurri can find themselves with the whole stadium singing their anthem.

You were also close to qualifying for the World Cup... We finished third in the group with England and Poland, but we lost the last game. We were also unlucky in the decisive match, we found ourselves without three key players on the day of the match against Poland, because they tested positive for Covid. We had a goal at the end, but this classification was good for us. We have never finished third in a World Cup qualifying group.

Albania's results are constantly increasing...

In 2021 we won the League C group of the Nations League and moved to League B, where we did not do well, taking only two points in four games: two draws against Iceland, and two defeats against Israel (Russia was suspended by UEFA). Now we await the qualification for Euro 2024, with Poland and the Czech Republic as the most accredited opponents. We will try to fight for second place. We are leaving for Poland in March, we will try to do our best right away.
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