There will be more American investments in Albania when the Courts are clean: Yuri Kim

Yuri Kim
 The US ambassador in Tirana, Yuri Kim, has spoken about the importance of American investments in Albania.

At the annual Assembly of the American Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador Kim said that Albania still has many opportunities to offer.

"American investments in Albania are greater than ever before. But we still aim for more", she said.

Ambassador Kim emphasized that even more American investors will come to invest in Albania, but first, the courts must be cleared and the rules implemented.

"We will have more American investments in Albania when the courts are clean when investors will understand that here the rules apply equally to everyone", she emphasized.

The American ambassador said that in Albania "there is so much talent and so many opportunities that have not been used yet". However, she is optimistic about the future

"I am telling you based on my experience that something is happening in the air in Albania. There are opportunities here. If you didn't feel that, you wouldn't be here. Let's be serious about identifying obstacles and facilitating the procedures for the arrival of American investments", said the American ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim.
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