Journalist Adriatik Doçi violated in Tirana

Adriatik Doçi
The journalist Adriatik Doçi
 Journalist Adriatik Doçi, known for his investigative writings on Report TV and, was punched today by an as yet unidentified person.

This is what the police announced in the announcement of the event, noting that the investigators and law enforcement are checking the area, while the investigators are working to identify and capture the perpetrator.

Journalist Doçi has stated that he believes that the attack on him happened because of his duty, when a group of people followed him and one of them hit him on the back with fists and hard objects near his apartment.

The person who attacked him was about 25 years old, according to him, wearing a hood, a member of a group that followed him and suddenly hit him from behind, so he could not identify any of them.

He stated that the attack may have been motivated by segments of crime and corruption. Mr. Doçi testified to the police that he was suddenly attacked from behind and that he failed to identify the perpetrators of the attack.

"This brazen attack gives me the courage to report and does not stop me from working nor does it drive me away from Albania", said Doçi.

He added that earlier there were verbal threats, due to duty, but no physical violence, an act that happened today against him for the first time.

Two years ago, the parliamentary security commission held a hearing with the investigative journalist Adriatik Doçi, who had published several articles questioning the legal accuracy of some decrees granting Albanian citizenship by the former president of the Republic, Ilir Meta.

Mr. Meta has rejected these accusations, stressing that all his actions in this field are in accordance with the law.

Journalist Adriatik Doçi was summoned by the deputies of the parliamentary committee of national security after his writings that President Meta has granted Albanian citizenship in violation of the law to several incriminated persons from Kosovo and North Macedonia, an African football player within a few hours, as well as the deletion of decrees from the institution's online pages.

These are only a small part among dozens of his denunciatory writings about suspected corruption events and affairs for legal violations by the Berisha government, among which the investigation on the former Partizani sports complex, as well as corruption affairs by judges and prosecutors.
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