Albanian blogger advertises fake EU passports on Tik Tok to go to the UK: the Sun

picture Ion Daci advertising fake passports on TikTok
Screenshot of Ion Daci advertising fake passports on TikTok
 An Albanian female blogger in London has been put at the center of an investigation by the British tabloid The Sun on Sunday.

The investigation exposes the sale and use of falsified biometric passports by criminal groups with the goal of crossing Albanians into Great Britain.

2.6000-pound sterling, says The Sun on Sunday is the price of European biometric passports which are sold to Albanian immigrants.

"Illegal immigrants are using high-tech passports to enter England. "Biometric passport experts employed by Albanian criminal groups in human trafficking can place on the passport chips the data of the person who buys and travels," writes The Sun on Sunday.

According to the journalist Nick Parker, we were offered by an Albanian, a passport together with ID and license for the amount of 2600 pounds, an amount that is less than the payment of the ferry crossing.

In the investigation of The Sun on Sunday, it is emphasized that a young Albanian girl advertises the sale of these passports on Tik Tok and shows through the videos she posts, her expensive life in England.

"Ion Daci with 239,700 followers on Tik Tok is used by Albanian gangsters to advertise the opening of bank accounts, the purchase of fake passports and IDs," writes the Sun on Sunday calling this way of entering England as "a step ahead of efforts of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to end raft trips".

Journalists and The Sun have entered into a conversation through What's up with an Albanian who has agreed to host the new "customer", who must pay a deposit in advance when his fingerprints and biometric data are taken".

The seller of these passports, when asked if such passports are successful for passage to England, stated that "yes, mostly with Bulgarian passports".

The Sun on Sunday, says that the data of this investigation have been passed to the Home Office, which has promised to investigate the case discovered by the journalists of this newspaper.
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