Albanians protest against Braverman in the UK and throw stones at French policemen

French police confronting migrants in the English Channel
 French police confronting migrants in the English Channel
 Hundreds of migrants who were waiting to leave illegally for England clashed with French police this morning in a video posted by the British DailyMail.

This event comes after the news that France and Great Britain have signed a multi-million dollar agreement to fight illegal crossings to Great Britain.

Immigrants threw stones at angry French police after officers cut open and deflated dinghies preparing for English Channel crossings this morning.

The group clashed with police in the village of Gravelines near Dunkirk after hundreds of migrants headed to the area on Friday.

According to GB News, public officers from the French CRS – the general reserve of the French National Police – slashed and deflated at least two of the migrants' dinghy tires before they left.

Frustrated, the migrants began throwing stones and tree branches at the officers, who used tear gas to control the riots. There are about 6,000 makeshift camps in the Dunkirk area.

The broadcaster said most of the migrants in the area are young, although there are one or two women and children.

The standoff is the result of a new police presence along the French coast between Dunkirk and Calais, ahead of an expected announcement of a new channel security agreement between the UK and France.

The United Kingdom has agreed to pay an extra 60 million pounds to help authorities strengthen the security presence along the French coast.

A large number of small boats were expected to depart this weekend after bad weather halted all canal crossings since October 31.

The groups were photographed in the early hours of Saturday at Border Force facilities in Dover, Kent, for the first time in a fortnight.

This comes as Home Secretary Suella Braverman is under increasing pressure to get the crisis under control, with huge backlogs in processing asylum claims and appalling conditions reported in immigration detention centres.

Ms Braverman told the House of Commons last month that the UK asylum system is 'broken'.

It has been revealed that the Home Office deported 350 people in October, more than 100 of them Albanian citizens.

Of the 347 people who were sent back home during October, 118 were sent to Albania, 39 to Brazil, 38 to Romania, 26 to Poland and 20 to Lithuania, the Home Office revealed. The majority – 230 – had previously committed criminal offenses in their countries.
While during today's protest, some Albanian protesters wrapped the statue of Winston Churchill with the Albanian flag amid calls that the Albanians are "invading" England.

This has caused numerous reactions, including one of the main characters of British television and the former European deputy, Mr. Nigel Farage, who has considered this as shameful and scandalous not only the gesture but the entire demonstration.

Albanians draped their flag over the statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square today as they protested against Suella Braverman's statements.

Thousands of people gathered on Westminster Bridge and marched towards the Palace of Westminster asking the government to respect them as people and their human rights, saying that not all Albanians are criminals, writes the Daily Mail.

Nigel Farage criticized the demonstration, tweeting: "These people do not care for our country or the sacrifices of the past! What is happening today in London is shameful!'

Then he writes: "Today is the memorial weekend in London and the Albanians have occupied Westminster Bridge for a protest. This is what our politicians have done to us."

The Home Secretary was criticized by opposition parties and some on her own for the harsh language she used in Parliament earlier this month.

She suggested that only the Tories were 'serious about stopping the invasion of our south coast'.

Albanians make up 12,000 of the 40,000 immigrants who have arrived in Great Britain this year.

This week it was revealed that the Home Office deported 350 people in October, more than 100 of whom were Albanian nationals.
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