Robinho sentenced to 9 years in prison after raping the Albanian woman: Italians requested his extradition from Brazil

Pictures of Robinho (archive)
 Pictures of Robinho (archive)
 The Italian Ministry of Justice, ANSA reportshas forwarded to Brazil the request for the extradition of the former Milan attacker, Robinho. The Brazilian was finally sentenced on January 19, along with another, to 9 years in prison for gang violence. The victim was a 23-year-old Albanian woman, who was mistreated in a club in Milan on the night of January 22, 2013. The execution office of the Milan prosecutor's office was also informed about the request for his extradition of him to Italy. In recent months, they had issued an international arrest warrant, with an extradition request, for the former footballer.

In February, the prosecution forwarded to the Ministry the request for extradition and the international arrest warrant for the former striker Robinho. Together with him his friend Ricardo Falco, both in Brazil. In recent months, there have been contacts between the Italian and Brazilian authorities, who have officially indicated where the former Milan player is. As a result, Italy has sent a request for arrest warrant documents to extradite Robson de Souza Santos and his friend. The now 38-year-old played four seasons with Milan between 2010 and 2014.

There is a good chance that the two will not surrender because the Brazilian Constitution does not allow the extradition of its citizens. Now, however, it will be up to the Brazilian authorities to respond to the Italian request. The Supreme Court had made final the 9 years imposed by the Milanese Court.

According to the investigation, former Brazilian star Robinho had made the Albanian girl drink to the point of making her unconscious. Then the whole group had raped her in a row, in a wardrobe of a nightclub in Milan, where the young woman had gone to celebrate her birthday.
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