Chelsea fans don't know which country Vllaznia belongs to

vllaznia football team girls after scoring
Vllaznia football team girls after scoring (archive)
 After the achievements of the Albanian team in Skënderbeu in the Europa League, the history of Albanian football has been written in golden letters by the girls of Shkodra. The latter managed to reach the group stage of the Champions League, where Albanian men's football has yet to find a place. In the recent draw, Vllaznia found the group of hell and at the same time of prestige as it will play against PSG, Real Madrid and Chelsea. The Londoners have chosen to do a quiz with some questions for the fans.

The last question from the official Chelsea women's website was: "Which country is Vllaznia a part of?". 54 percent of them voted for Albania, 22 percent of them for Croatia, 13 percent for Montenegro and 10 percent for Switzerland. Taking into account the fact that this official Chelsea website had introduced Vllaznina as a team from Albania or the search on the Internet where the correct answer can be found in just 5 seconds, it can be said that the fans who voted really had very little knowledge.
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