Israeli media declare "traitor" their best player Eran Zahav as 'he may have Albanian roots'

Eran Zahav wearing the Israeli uniform and the captain's armband
 Eran Zahav wearing the Israeli uniform and the captain's armband in an official match
 In Israel, they are treating Eran Zahav as a traitor. The star of this national team will be absent in the final against Albania as far as the League of Nations is concerned. All this is because of a strange reason, as the player has asked to be alone in the hotel room, while the coach has not accepted this request. "IsraelHayom" media has treated Zahav as a traitor precisely because of this behavior, Albanian media writes.

"Like in the case of Eyal Berkovic, while he was at home and was not called by Israel. But he was cheering for the Swiss national team to win against us. The children and he himself accepted that Israel lost only that Berkovic was not part of the team. Meanwhile, it will now be revealed that in Zahavi's house there are really Albanian roots, ie that they will cheer loudly for the beautiful team of the Balkans against the bad guys of Israel. For Zahavic, the answer is clear: Come on Albania!".
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