Infected Italian nurse curses conspiracy theorists who do not believe in COVID-19 threat

Infected Italian nurse curses conspiracy theorists who do not believe in COVID-19 threat
Giulia Medea Oriani and the treatments for COVID-19 patients
 Nurse Giulia Medea Oriani, 30, lives and works in the Milan area and has been positive for coronavirus for 21 days. Then, for another 58 days, she battled thrombosis, "possibly caused by COVID-19," writes Corriere Della Sera.

She recounted her experience through a long post on her Facebook profile, which is accompanied by an eloquent photo with medicine boxes and syringes used to treat patients.

The Commitment

"I dedicate this post to the accursed conspiracy theorists who claim that coronavirus does not exist, that it was created to win over Bill Gates, that they are lying to us, and the situation is not as bad as it seems to you who do not want to keep masks, you who gather in squares because you are not afraid of a virus that only kills the elderly, who claim that the virus is a problem only for those with serious illnesses and many, many other idiocies.

To those of you who think nothing will happen to you, I'm showing you the picture of the therapy that I had to do in the last two months and that I will continue to take for a while."

The 30-year-old nurse is still shocked by so much hatred.

"I would take everyone to visit intensive care units once, put them face to face with hospitalized patients, and let them talk to them," Giulia said to the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera'- I wanted to see how they would respond to the phone calls of relatives, children crying for their parents, friends, friends who would never see them again.

And suddenly her post caused a wave of insults that the nurse did not expect. "I think I have touched on extremely hot issues, teasing the anger of the conspiracy theorists who came out against me."

But not everyone insulted her.

"Many patients felt represented by my history because they felt abandoned during the illness."

Coronavirus infection

Giulia contracted coronavirus in March. "During the first days I had a little fever, muscle aches and a little difficulty breathing and after a few days I went to the hospital where I stayed for 21 days. After ten days I had severe, persistent pain in my legs. My blood had started to clot. I was visited by vascular and general surgeons, a hematologist, a psychiatrist, an emergency physician, and a cardiologist. I have performed many tests and an infinite number of blood tests. I was also told to diagnose sinus tachycardia and post-traumatic stress disorder.

I lived alone

Giulia is a health care professional and many of her colleagues have chosen to live away from their families so as not to contract the virus, but for many it was not enough.

"At first I reacted like a professional in the health world, but then I got angry with myself after I got Covid and I couldn't help myself in the hospital anymore - she says - and it was extremely disturbing.

"I lived alone and I was really scared to death, because I could never hug my loved ones again and I could never go back to do my job as before, and on my own initiative I took anxiolytics to inhibit the effect of tachycardia but then the doctors told me that anxiety was not the cause and then I continued to take them only at night to sleep for a few hours."


Even after showing the picture of these medicines, she was covered by insult.

"They thought it was part of the cure for coronavirus, but I took them for myself because I wake up every night because of nightmares and can't sleep for more than four hours. For this reason, in addition to the support of my parents, I turned to a psychiatrist and psychologist, because it is difficult to live with the "ghost" of the disease. I hated my house, which has been my prison for 79 days.

"These days, I have seen demonstrations and denial theses of yellow vests and I am angry. To all those who think that everything is fabricated, I dedicate to the partisans of the Covid conspiracy theory every injection I have made, every hematoma scattered on my body, every tablet I have swallowed every day, every minute of waking up in the dark, every pain I feel in my chest”.

The Battle of Giulia is not over here

"I will continue to help my patients, especially those who have experienced severe trauma caused by this wild virus."
Infected Italian nurse curses conspiracy theorists who do not believe in COVID-19 threat Infected Italian nurse curses conspiracy theorists who do not believe in COVID-19 threat Saturday, June 06, 2020 Rating: 5
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