Austrian Airlines announces the launch of flights from Albania on June 15

Austrian Airlines announces the launch of flights from Albania on June 15
 Tirana International Airport (archive)
 Austrian Airlines is the first company to officially announce the launch of flights from Rinas to Vienna and vice versa for commercial purposes.

Austrian announces that after 90 days of interruption, flights will start on June 15 in Amsterdam, Athens, Basel, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Dubrovnik, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Larnaca, London, Munich, Paris, Pristina, Sarajevo. Skopje, Sofia, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Tirana, Varna and Zurich.

Flights will be reduced compared to the pre-crisis period. Initially there will be 4 flights a week and then the company has announced Tirana International Airport that will be reviewed in July the frequency.

According to the Austrian website, the flights are on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. On June 15, when it is the first flight, the price from Tirana to Vienna is 97 euros (departure in the afternoon, 15:00), but in the following days there are tickets with 57 euros one way. The return from Vienna is 51 euros in June.

Prior to the crisis, Austrian Airlines had daily flights to Vienna twice a day. 

Austrian Airlines suspended flights from Tirana to Vienna on March 19, following the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. Earlier, flights to Italy were suspended. By the end of March, all operators had suspended flights for passenger transport, where the last line to be closed was Istanbul, with Air Albania. 

Sources from Tirana International Airport confirmed that there is still no date when other flights will start, but it is believed that other destinations may start on June 15 and the announcement is expected to be made very soon.

Wizz Air, which recently announced the addition of new destinations from Tirana, has announced that flights will start on July 1.

In 2019, about 3.3 million passengers flew to and from Rinas Airport, reaching a record. Half of the passengers had Italy as their main destination.

The journey will no longer be the same

According to the Austrian, the new rules include wearing a mask on board the plane as well as at the Vienna airport.

Passengers must be provided with masks, as required when using means of transport. Passengers must also take into account the quarantine rules of the countries where they travel.

There may be some restrictions throughout the trip, such as longer waiting times at airport security checks. When selecting or assigning locations, the general directive is that passengers who are not part of a family should be distributed as far away from each other as possible. However, in the event that the aircraft is loaded at high capacity, no passenger will be denied a seat in order to leave empty seats.
Austrian Airlines announces the launch of flights from Albania on June 15 Austrian Airlines announces the launch of flights from Albania on June 15 Monday, June 01, 2020 Rating: 5
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