First Albanian killed by Coronavirus in Italy

First Albanian killed by Coronavirus in Italy
 Anila Pojani and Sokol Balla
 Albanian Consul in Milan, Anila Pojani in a direct connection via Skype to the 'Real Story' show of the journalist Sokol Balla on News 24 has confirmed the fact that in Italy has died also an Albanian woman from the city of Durres.

Pojani also gives details of this grave case, saying that the family members of the deceased are currently in quarantine.

“We have ascertained that the citizen from Durres has died due to a cardiac arrest and she was coronavirus positive. The lady's documentation has arrived at the Consulate today. The son, daughter, and husband of the deceased are all in quarantine. The funeral ceremony has been suspended due to the situation. All victims are in their respective morgues. This virus spread quickly and was unknown before. The preventive measures in Albania were taken very quickly, sports, cultural activities were suspended, museums, theaters were closed down,” Pojani said.

Anila Pojani stated also that the situation with the virus in the Italian state is grave, estimating that there are over 8000 people infected with coronavirus in the neighboring country and there are about 450 casualties to date.

“According to the data from the Directorate of Civil Emergencies, there are over 8,000 people affected in Italy, of whom about 800 have been healed and about 450 have died, all of whom are of old age and with previous health problems. No nationality data is given to the person and not too much data, as this is a case where cannot be said to be a nationality problem. The Red Zone is the area where there is a higher number of the affected. At the moment we are talking about the whole area of ​​Lombardy, but also in Rimini, etc., there are about 200 thousand Albanians. About 92,000 Albanians are located in Lombardy and there are no data on the affected Albanians, as no data are available. There are no reported Albanians affected by the coronavirus,” Pojani said.
First Albanian killed by Coronavirus in Italy First Albanian killed by Coronavirus in Italy Monday, March 09, 2020 Rating: 5
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