What has been cooked for King Zog and his favorite recipes?

King Zog I in his office
 In the descriptions of the historian Tomes, the Albanian King Zog preferred traditional dishes.

In the book dedicated to Ahmet Zog's life and work, the historian Jason Tomes describes the ritual of a normal work-day of King Zog's life including his favorite dishes.

According to the data published in this book, it is proved that King Zog had a long working day, starting early in the morning in his office, where he stayed up to 14 hours.

So he often had food in his office.

Apparently, from the descriptions of the historian Thomas, King Zog preferred traditional dishes.

Who cared about King Zog's dishes and what he preferred

"Zog said he gets up at six in the morning and lay down at midnight. He was normally in his overcrowded studio at eight in the morning and his work plan was extended to 14 hours a day.

A Zogist poet paraphrased him in verses, "the River doesn't fall asleep, the Sea doesn't fall asleep, neither King Zog sleeps!", is written in the book of the historian Jason Thomas.

The book reads of King Zog's strong connection with his mother Sadie, with whom he had a lot of walking in the gardens and who also cared for his food and favorite recipes.

stuffed eggplants
Stuffed eggplants
According to the historian's description, King Zog consumed traditional dishes including pie, especially the pie with cheese and nuts, vegetables like peppers, dishes like rice with meat, or even compotes with different fruits.

But King Zog's favorite dish according to the book was that of stuffed eggplant. A typical recipe cooked from generation to generation in Albanian cuisine in all areas.

“The food came just from the queen mother's palace in a sealed box because he only trusted Sadije.

The food usually consisted of peppers, meat rice, fruit compote, white cheese, black bread and cheese and walnut pie. His favorite foods were stuffed eggplants,” the book reads.

In 1928, the Speaker of the Albanian Republic, Ahmet Zogu, was proclaimed by Parliament Zog I, King of the Albanians.

He changed his surname from Zogolli to Zogu. His mother Sadije Toptani was proclaimed Queen Mother, while many other family members received the titles of Prince and Princess.
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