Are paid $ 1m for releasing Abdulselam Turgu, member of the Iranian terrorist group in Albania, Hoxha says

Artan Hoxha
 The well-known investigative journalist in Albania, Artan Hoxha wrote an article about Abdulselam Turgut, who has been arrested yesterday and allegedly is a member of a terrorist cell from Iran in Albania. You can read the article below:

Abdulselam Turgut is the international heroin trafficking boss declared wanted by German courts on November 21, 2009, charged with trafficking of 1.6 tonnes of heroin to the German Federal Republic. A man hiding behind an Iranian secret cell in Albania was arrested in February 2011 at Rinas airport following an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol.

The judge Kreshnik Oman of the Tirana court imposed on him the security measure in prison awaiting his extradition file from Germany.

But two weeks later, on March 4, 2011, a trio of appeals judges led by Judge Gjin Gjoni released the Turkish drug boss under house arrest despite charges by Germany and at least five other EU states.

They even sent him to an apartment that has been allegedly owned by Gjin Pjetri, on the 8th floor of a still-unfinished palace at Kamza curve.

Since then, the Turkish boss disappeared without a trace, although there have been reports that due to his strong connections with known Albanain narco-traffickers, with businessmen or influential figures on the Albanian political scene, he has entered and exited again out of Albania. In March 2011 it was said that not less than $ 1 million was paid by Turgut's partners to Albanian authorities for his release from prison.

We still don't know who exactly got that money.

But it is a fact that, two weeks after the arrest, one of Germany's most wanted drug bosses was released by the decision of Gjin Gjoni in order to stay at the house of Gjin Pjetri, and from he disappeared without a trace.

It is a fact that the police, even though knew of who he was, never kept Turgut under surveillance, giving him every opportunity to escape.

It is a fact that the news of his arrest at Rinas Airport, his trial in the Tirana Court and the Appellate Court was kept secret and out of the eyes of media.

It is a fact that the media and public opinion only heard the news in April 2011 when Abdulselam Turgut had been missing for a month and the prosecution remembered that the extradition file from Germany had arrived.

At that time, the Interior Ministry, the State Police and the Prosecutor's Office remained silent while Turguti left quietly.

Nor was the 'digital citizen' able to denounce the scandal over the connection of the international narcotics boss with the senior officials of the Albanian police, prosecution, judiciary, politics and government, because it was busy with other duties, the digital citizen (Sali Berisha) at that time was the prime minister of Albania.

While the opposition at the time had been put asleep by some common friends of the Turkish narcotics boss...

In this link you may see the first part of the Jungel show (of  Artan Hoxha) in 2011 that details who Abdulselam Turgut is, the man who today was said to be hiding behind the failed Iranian terrorist cell in Tirana ....
Are paid $ 1m for releasing Abdulselam Turgu, member of the Iranian terrorist group in Albania, Hoxha says Are paid $ 1m for releasing Abdulselam Turgu, member of the Iranian terrorist group in Albania, Hoxha says Thursday, October 24, 2019 Rating: 5
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