Iranian terrorist cell members in Albania identified; they were planning...

 Just months after preventing a terrorist attack organized by Iranian terrorist cells, on March 22, 2018, Prime Minister Edi Rama declared "non grata" and expelled from Albania the Iranian ambassador, Holamhossein Mohammadnia, and another embassy official from Albania, on suspicion that are involved in activities that undermine security in the country.

The Iranian ambassador to Tirana, Gholamhossein Mohammadnia, had been accused by Mujahideen living in Albania of being an agent of the Iranian secret services. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rama's decision to expel Iran's top diplomat from Albania was also welcomed by top US officials, including President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

In a letter to Rama, Donald Trump thanked the Albanian prime minister for opposing and responding to Iran's destabilizing actions and efforts.

"Dear Mr. Prime Minister: Thank you for your unwavering efforts in opposing Iran and in responding to its destabilizing actions and efforts to silence dissidents across the globe. The leadership shown to you by the expulsion of the Iranian Ambassador from your country is an example of our joint efforts to show the Iranian government that its terrorist actions in Europe and around the world will have severe consequences. Albania has always been a great friend of the United States, and I look forward to the growth of our partnership as we face the many important issues that both countries face. Honestly, Donald Trump."

Mike Pompeo, while thanking Rama, wrote that the two Iranian agents had plotted the terrorist attacks in Albania and that the US had prevented three just in 2018.

"I congratulate the expulsion from Prime Minister Edi Rama of two Iranian agents who plotted the terrorist attacks in Albania. European states have prevented three Iranian plots only this year alone. The world must stand together to sanction Iran's regime in order to change its destructive behavior” 

While Albanian police announced today that they have discovered a scheme of work and identified members of an Iranian terrorist cell that was targeting attacks on the Iranian opposition movement Mojahedin-e-Khalq (Mec), over 2,000 members of which have taken refuge in the Albanian territory. Albanian Police Director General Ardi Veliu said today that "terrorist cells are also responsible, among other things, for the March 2018 plan to carry out a terrorist act during the celebrations of the Nevruz Festival, attended by high-level members of the Iranian opposition organization Mujahedeen al Khalq, a plan that has been prevented by increased State Police measures, thanks to accurate information."

According to Albanian police, "the terrorist cell is run by the QUDS Forces operative, known as Peynam, a permanent resident of Iran, who remotely manages a number of operations in Albania and elsewhere in Central and Western Europe." QUDS, is the operational wing of IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) operating beyond Iran's borders.

One of the cell members is Alireza Naghashzadeh, a former MEK member with an Austrian passport. "Naghashzadeh was sent by Peyman to gather information in Albania during several separate visits as part of plans for an attack that was eventually halted," Mr. Veliu explained.

Another operative is Abdolkhalegh Malek Zadeh, an Iranian living in Turkey. "Malek Zadeh (also known by criminal connections under the nickname Ferhat) has continued to work for the past two years with Abdulselam Turgut, a well-known Turkish organized crime figure, to plan terrorist attacks at Peyman's behest and the QUDS Forces”, said Mr. Veliu.

Abdulselam Turgut
Abdulselam Turgut, is known by the Albanian authorities. In 2011, Turgut was also jailed in Albania on charges related to the alleged trafficking of about 1 tonne of heroin, but fled the country using a false passport after the Court changed the security measure from "Arrest to Prison" to "House Arrest".

Then Court of Appeal's ruling, by a body headed by Gjin John, echoed that Turgut had been arrested at the request of Germany for extradition, and was placed under house arrest at an address "The Palace of the curve of Kamza, 8th floor”. He had previously been part of a process in Turkey involving a group of Albanians who were suspected of trafficking a large cargo of heroin.
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