Cannabis service by drone in Lezha Prison, three arrested

Shenkoll Prison entrance, Lezha
 State Police in cooperation with the Prison Police prevented and attacked an attempt to put in the prison cels cannabis and mobile phones by drones.

A drone is seized where seven packs of cannabis and three mobile phones were connected on its body.

Three citizens are arrested in flagrancy, where the remote control of the drones was found in their vehicle.
The drone caught in Lezha Prison
In late evening hours, in the outer siege of the Shenkoll Prison, Lezha the prison police officers who were serving found that there was flying a drone by entering the detained area and immediately informed the Lezha Police.

The drone and the cannabis packs
While police officers were immediately moved toward Lezha along with the investigation group.

Thanks to the quick and professional action, was made possible the drone blockade in the second outer prison district.

The remote control of the drone
At the end of the actions are arrested the citizens:

M.V., 28, resident in Vrake village, Malësi e Madhe, formerly convicted of theft

J.. K., 25, resident in Shkodra,

Xh.L, 28, resident in Bajze, Malësi e Madhe, Shkodër

The materials will be passed for further investigation to the Prosecutor's Office of the First Instance Court of Lezhe for the criminal offenses "Production and sale of narcotics" and "The introduction or possession of prohibited objects in prison."
Cannabis service by drone in Lezha Prison, three arrested Cannabis service by drone in Lezha Prison, three arrested Sunday, July 07, 2019 Rating: 5
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