More than 30% of underwater Albania its been scanned, new discoveries revealed

More than 30% of underwater Albania its been scanned, new discoveries revealed
 James Goold speaking to journalists in Durres
  At the premises of the Port of Durres, in the presence of the diplomatiac corps in Albania were presented the underwater discoveries in Albanian waters by two of the most important world institutions in this field, RPM Nautical Foundation and Naval Institute of Archeology (INA) at the University of Texas.

These two American institutions, leaders in underwater research technology, are also present in the Albanian sea since 12 years, creating thus underwater scientific maps.

A presentation was opened by UNESCO Scientific Council Chairman for the world underwater assets Auron Tare with a short history of the marine research in Albania, citing in particular the efforts of the Albanian archaeologists Moikom Zeqo and Neritan Ceka in their underwater exploration and creation of the first Bathyscaphe in the 1970s as an attempt to explore the history of the Albanian coasts.

The ship Herkules, which with its sophisticated technology scanned one-third of the Albanian underwater territory by creating three-dimensional bottom maps, has discovered over 41 historical relics dating back at the 6th century BC to the British ship Volage, which opened the curtain of the well known Corfu Channel Incident. The President of the RPM Nautical Foundation, James Goold spoke on these findings, he one of the key international figures in the field of international maritime law, underlining the great importance of these discoveries not only for the maritime history of Albania but in the Mediterranean context.

In particular, James Goold reiterated the fact that in the Corfu Channel Incident, Albania is blameless because the findings made by the US expedition show clearly that British ships have not been in the declared course but have violated the sovereignty of the Albanian waters by making this incident a military provocation and not a peaceful transition.

The Hercules Ship, which has stayed for several days in the Port of Durres to help the Albanian authorities in the Port's scanning, will continue its research by bringing new scientiphyc data from the bottom of the sea and to shed light on the great importance of marine discoveries not only for the history but also for the development of the cultural tourism of the Albanian shores.
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