Dorian Duçka, the first Albanian in the Trilateral Commission

Dorian Duçka, the first Albanian in the Trilateral Commission
Dorian Duçka reading the magazine on plane
 In Paris is being held the annual Trilateral Commission meeting. Unlike previous experience, this year was officially invited an Albanian citizen, Dorian Duçka.

Duçka held the deputy minister of Energy's portfolio previously  but usually avoided the public outreach, he distinguishes for key links especially in the elite of diplomacy and international business. Duçka took care of keeping a low profile in the backstage.

States such as Serbia, Bulgaria or Croatia have had representatives or invited to the Trilateral Commission (some of them former prime ministers), while Albania has not had invited members previously on the Commission.

The Trilateral Commission is an entity that includes personalities of the banking elite, diplomatic elite, intelligence services and western military elite.

The Trilateral Commission was founded by David Rockefeller in July 1973. The action map of this Commission includes North America, Western Europe and Japan.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was a Rockefeller adviser (and later US former national security adviser to Jimmy Carter), is the personality that first created the structure of the Trilateral Commission.

Some well-known American scholars and journalists like Naom Chomsky and others have devoted dozens of critical articles to the Trilateral Commission, pointing to the occult impact that this organization exerts in the decision-making of Western governments, especially in the US and Europe.

Today are known three elite entities in the Westc because of the tremendous impact they play:

- Trilateral Commission;
- Guests Bieldeberg;
- The Council for Foreign Relations.
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