Dutch family chooses to live in Albania

 Two years ago a family from Netherlands left their village Voorthuizen and decited to live in the suburbs of Tirana. Robert and Danja and their three children Jonathan, Manuel and Jeftha came to Albania.

Since Albanians do not see hope in their country, the Dutch family is a big message of hope in this context. In 2001 and 2003, Robert and Danny had beensent by the Church on vacation in Albania.

Danja is a doctor and Robert is a physiotherapist. During their stay in Albania they were asked at the time if they wanted to stay in contributing to the Albanian health sector.

Fter a while they decided to return in Albania as missionaries, and according to them, was a "call made by the God", as reported by the Dutch portal Lokaal.

In Tirana, the couple works at the ABC Health Foundation. This Christian organization is focused on improving the healthcare in Albania. Their work is mainly focused on the transfer of knowledge and skills. For example, Robert instructs the physiotherapist in training. "The training in Albania is almost exclusively taught in theory, while my training is mostly practical. I help students make this concrete steps from theory to practice," said Robert.

Danja also contributes to training and quality management. In addition to direct care for patients in the health center, the ABC Health Foundation also cares for poor people, Roma, and orphans.

"We came to stay for four years. Who knows, we can stay longer, we can go back to Holland. It depends on many factors. But the goal is for the health center to continue when we leave. That is why the employees who are now learning should continue working. Our work has the greatest impact in this way," she said.
Dutch family chooses to live in Albania Dutch family chooses to live in Albania Saturday, June 15, 2019 Rating: 5
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