The scandal of the weapons stolen in Pasha Liman military base in Vlora

The scandal of the weapons stolen in Pashaliman military base in Vlora
Pasha Liman military base

 Two days after the scandal of weapons robbery at the Pashaliman military base, five soldiers continue to be detained while accused of "violating the rules of service in objekte ushtarake" and "theft".

Oculus News sources revealed that four of the accused persons are: the 52-year-old Lesko Ramosaçaj, the 42-year-old Edlir Nelaj, the 23-year-old Ervis Memsulaj and the 25-year-old Ardit Ramaj. Meanwhile, yesterday, spoke the soldier of the Military Police in Vlora, who was the guard on Thursday evening when the incident occurred.

He said he had moved from the place of duty because he was cold because of low temperatures. "I left the workplace because I was freezing. I left for a warm place," the soldier said.

On the other hand, the family members of the five servicemen kept in detention are concerned about the incident in question. They have stated that their family members are being treated as criminals. "They treat them as criminals, they are not letting us meet our neighbors," the family said.

Military sources say it is a real arsenal of weapons, from light calibers to the heaviest, including blistering bullets. Among the stolen weapons is a US rifle with a M4 binocular, some Kalashnikovs and an amount of 5,000 cartridges.

The first doubts are that the authors had information from within the base.

The list of stolen materials at Pashalimani base

- 2 automatic model combat weapon 56 with bayonet spear
- 700 combat cartridges 7.62 mm used by gun pistols TT model 54
- 3691 combat cartridges that are used by anti armor wapons
- 40 combat grenades
- 40 igniters for hand grenades
- 1 firearm magazine for Kalashnikov
- 1 M-4 combat rifle model 14.5 with 5x56x45mm "barel"
- 1000 combat cartridges model 5.56 mm x 45 mm with normal round peak
- 4 spare firearms magazines for 30 cartridges of 5.56 mm size.
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