Irreplaceable Values for Health of Albanian Leek

Irreplaceable Values for Health of Albanian Leek

 The values of Leek, this super vegetable are undervalued. Undoubtedly that is known well by Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, for example, giving credit to the leek for its therapeutic values.

The Roman emperor Nero also drank leek fluid to strengthen his voice.

While the Albanians use it in many ways; cooked in soup, crude or in the characteristic pie known in the world for its "Made in Albania" seal.

Because the leek has so many good health values that cannot be ignored.
Can releave sore throats; keeping away kidney stones, fighting harmful cells, etc.

And obviously what is good for health, it often happens to be good for business as well.

This is what Kujtim Lika says, who exports this vegetable to the region.

"The leek comes indisputably into the family of vegetables for which there is more demand," says Lika to Agroweb. He exports the Albanian leek mainly to Poland, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ukraine.

The leek is very resistant to cold and frost. It is likely to be cultivated by the end of April in almost every area of the country.

The biggest production is in Lezha area with 600 tons and Tirana with 300 tons, being exported throughout the Winter and Spring.

"We export throughout the region," Saimir Biti, another exporter, claiming that the demand for this vegetable has grown.

"I would say even more than cauliflower, carrot or pumpkin. During the time of Communism, Albania was one of the top producers and exporters.

In Albania, one kilogram of leeks is sold at 40-50 leks ( 0.3 euros), while in the UK for example, the price goes to 400 lek ( 3 euros) per 400 grams of leek and in the United States the figure can go up to 1300 leks (10 dollars) per 1 kg

Yes, it is so expensive because of its great values as a vegetable."

Of course that its taste also is very particular. In his visit in Albania, the cook of French Presidents, said among other things the Albanian leek very tasty.

It digests much faster than onions and has laxative, antiseptic, diuretic and helps against arthritis.

And if consumed regularly helps to be in shape and healthy.
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