7 human trafficking networks across Europe destroyed including one Albanian and 4 officers

 The State Police has provided details of the mega-operation finalized today's morning, where is demolished a group that transported Albanian clandestine to EU countries, England, USA and Canada.

To finalize this action it is learned that the Albanian police have cooperated with the French, Italian, Spanish and English Police, while in total are destroyed seven criminal groups across Europe.

It is learned that Albanians who wanted to go to the promised land paid £ 7,000 to go in Britain and $ 25,000 to $ 30,000 for US and Canada.

The Statement of the General Director of State Police, Ardi Veliu: 


I am here together with the Prosecutor of Serious Crimes who has followed the case, 2 special agents of the US State Department's Diplomatic Security Service attached to the United States Embassy in Tirana, the representative of the SELEC police organization centered in Romania, the Spanish Police Representative, and Heads of State Police engaged in the operation

During the past night and during the early hours of today's morning, the mega-operation codenamed "One If-By Land" was completed, in the context of human trafficking with the purpose of emigration to the United States, Great Britain, Canada and EU.

All the investigation process is held with the help of special methods by the State Police, under the direction of the Prosecution of Serious Crimes and lasted several months. The operation was carried out in coordination with the Special Agents of the State Department's Diplomatic Security Service in the United States, who are attached to Tirana, the agencies of the US Department of National Security and Patrols.

Customs and Border Protection and The National Targeting Center, are the two agencies that have assisted in conducting the investigation and carrying out this operation.

Other partners that have assisted in this operation are the Border Services Agency of Canada. SELEC, EUROPOL, Interpol, the Police of Kosovo. Spanish National Police, French Police, Italian Police, etc.

From the investigative actions carried out, it turns out that 7 structured criminal groups, operating in Albania, Bulgaria, Spain, France, he Dominican Republic, Italy, Britain, Ireland, USA and Canada, have allowed the trafficking of about 1 thousand people (Albanian citizens) to the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

For each person, it was paid from 7,000 pounds to fo to the United Kingdom and from $ 25,000 to $ 30,000 for the US and Canada.

The members of these criminal groups through active actions helped the Albanian citizens interested in emigrating illegally to the above mentioned countries by forging travel documents and false identity of EU countries.

They used these itineraries:

• Albania - Italy - United Kingdom

• Albania - France - United Kingdom

• Albania - Bulgaria - Belgium - Dominican Republic - US / Canada

• Albania - Spain - Latin America - USA / Canada

Regarding the evidence and facts collected through special investigation methods, the Prosecutor's Office of Serious Crimes in Tirana has requested from the Court and has issued Prohibition Orders for 51 Albanian nationals implicated, from yesterday are executed 39 orders and 12 other citizens are announced wanted.

The arrested:

1. Ardian CORRI, 47, born in Kruje and resident in Tirana

2. Plays QYRKU, 60 years old, resident in Tirana

3. Eno MUCOLLARI, 57, resident in Tirana

4. Ardian GURAKUQI, 58, born in Elbasan and resident in Tirana

5. Zaim HYSENBELLIU, 57, born in Skrapar, resident in Tirana

6. Arben KAJACI, 49, born and resident in Tirana.

7. Genci OSMANAJ. 49 years old. born and resident in Tirana

8. Oltjan SERANI, 33, born in Permet, residing in Tirana.

9. Tanush PRENGA. 48 years old. born in Kruje and resident in Lac

10. Liri MUCOLLARI, 55 years old. born in Corovode, residing in Tirana

11. Fuatim ZAIMI, 51, born in Skrapar and resident in Tirana

12. Nikolin PRISKA. 49 years old. resident in Tirana.

13. Ylber RAMA, 44 years old. born in Dibra and resident in Tirana

14. Approve TARJA. 50 years old resident in Tirana

15. Bedri BENDAJ, 55, born in Berat, resident of Tirana

16. Erenik AVDYLI, 30 years old resident in Tirana

17. Nik BUSHI, 65, born and resident in Shkodra

18. Kole VUSHAJ. 49 years old, resident in Great Malay

19. Faithful VUCAJ, 49, born in Shkoder, but resident in Ireland

20. Alfred KALAJ. 32, resident in Great Highland

21. Mhill ZEFI, 42 years old. resident in Shkoder

22. Nosh VOLAJ, 45 years old, resident in Malesi e Madhe.

23. Prel GJELAJ. 54, resident in Malesi e Madhe

24. Sokol DULL 49 years old, resident in Lezha

25. Euglen DUSHKU, 32, resident in Lezha

26. Leonora DUSHKU, 33 years old. resident in Lezha

27. Roza FRROKU, 40, born in Fier, residing in Lezha

28. Blerim BRAHIMI, 36, resident in Lezha

29. Luigj SHTINJA, 52, resident in Kurbin

30. Esat CAKONI, 52, resident of Kurbin

31. Fatos MUJA, 48 years old. resident in Kukes

32. Kreshnik MUJA. 35, resident in Kukes.

33. Artur KARAJ, 43, resident in Kruja

34. Kristian Zallinaj, 21 years old. resident in Shkoder

35. Mensur Selami, 53, born and resident in Dubrova - Dibar

Also, four police officers of the State Police have been detained, with the duty of Border Crossing controllers, Hani i Hotit and Qafe Thane, these have abused their duty by failing to register the trafficked personss at the border crossing points and thus violating the law .

They are:

• Celnik MAKSUTI, 53 years old, born and resident in Pogradec with the duty tested in P.K.K.Qafe Thane.

• llir ISMAILI, 32 years old. born and resident in Pogradec, with a duty of tester in P.K.K.Qafe Thane.

• Egon MAXHARI, 28, born and resident in Pogradec, with the duty of tester in the checkpoint of P.K.K.Qafe Thane.

• Gjoke UJKAJ, 46, born and resident in Shkoder with duty of tester in P.K. Hani i Hotit, Shkoder

At the same time, have been declared wanted and Police are working to arrest 12 other citizens suspected of involvement in this criminal activity. of these 2 citizens are Bulgarians (B.S: I.F, S.H, E.K, PK, S.K, SH.A. A C, A.E, J.SH, B.K and M.V)

During the control of the premises and suspected places used by the authors several material evidences were found and sequestered:

• 10 central units (computers)

• 8 color laser printers

• 15 laptops, 3 ipad,

• 56 phone handsets

• 17 cars

• 5,600 euros, 1,000 S and 3,400,000 ALL

• 5 international Albanian passports

• Different kinds of documents, such as passports and ID cards, seals and stamp elements

• 1 automatic Kalashnikov firearms model 56 and 13 cartridges

• 1 shotgun weapon

The investigative materials related to the prohibition of such persons and seized material evidence are available for the Prosecution Office at the First Instance Court for Serious Crimes.

Investigations for this criminal proceeding continue in relation to other persons involved in this criminal activity.

The finalization of this super-operation demonstrates to our international partners the increased credibility of the Albanian Police, Prosecution and other law enforcement agencies.

By taking advantage of the case, we thank our partners for their support and confidence. State Police is ready and committed to strike with the Force of Law any illegal activity, and especially organized crime, to build a safer and better Albania.
7 human trafficking networks across Europe destroyed including one Albanian and 4 officers 7 human trafficking networks across Europe destroyed including one Albanian and 4 officers Saturday, March 17, 2018 Rating: 5
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